Non-Student Awards

Best Oral Presentations

Deltaic depositional processes, fluctuating relative sea-level and syndepositional tectonism: controls on the geometry and distribution of fine-grained reservoirs, Montney Formation, northeast British Columbia, northwest Alberta
Peter Proverbs

Mining for Net Zero: The impossible task
Alan Jones

The smooth and not-so-smooth fitting of machine learning algorithms into a modern seismic inversion project 
Kristopher Innanen

Exploitation Framework of Lithium-Rich Brine Resources in Saskatchewan: A Tale of Two Industries
Mark Caplan

Managing Saltwater Disposal Induced Seismicity in the Cadomin Formation: NE British Columbia
Amanda Greig and Nadia Monaghan

Best Oral Presentation – Honorable Mention

Computational aspects of Full Waveform Inversion
Daniel Trad

An Objective Skills Assessment for Operations Geoscience
Christine Telford

How Links Between Complex Earth Systems Processes and Sequence Stratigraphy Constrained Organic Carbon Burial in the Early Cenomanian Mowry Shale, Wyoming, USA
Jonathan Schueth

New Exploration Opportunities Revealed with Enhanced Seismic Datasets Offshore and Onshore Argentina and Peru
Karyna Rodriguez

Predicting microseismic event density during hydraulic fracturing from surface seismic with gradient boosted trees
Bobby Gunning

Unraveling the Nukhul Reservoir in the Arta Field, Egypt
Jessica Dongas

“omne trium perfectum” – The Rule of Three: Using Microseismic, Geochemistry & Interference Testing to Optimize Spacing and Stacking.
Michael de Groot and Travis Hobbs

Best Poster

6D interpolation determinants
Mark Ng

Best Poster – Honorable Mention

The Fundamental Role of Electrostatic Forces Within Pore Systems and Their Effects on Resource Evaluation and Reservoir Performance. Part 2a: Capillary Forces Theory: a model for understanding the electrostatic forces and their effects within pore systems. Water saturated reservoir.
Robert Lee

Student Awards

Congratulations to all of our award winners for not only preparing the best content, but also for embracing the opportunities that virtual presentations allow for in the use of graphics, video and sound.

Award winners were selected by the general convention audience through the virtual portal voting system and reviewed by the GeoConvention judging committee and General/Technical Chairs. 

Out of nearly 400 total presentations, these are the best in show!