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Session Paper Title – click the title to see the full abstract Presenter First Name Presenter Last Name
Advancements in Geomechanical Characterization and Frack Design for Completion Optimization DFIT Before Closure Analysis in Naturally Fractured Rocks: Implementing FDEM-DFN Approach Rasoul Sheikhmali
Advancements in Geomechanical Characterization and Frack Design for Completion Optimization In situ microbial free phase gas production causes tensile fracturing: a laboratory demonstration Yuan Zhang
Advancements in unconventional core analysis for reservoir characterization Characterization of the Lower Charlie Lake, a Naturally Fractured, Tight-Oil Reservoir, Alberta, Canada Jonathan White
Advances in Geological Storage of CO2 part 1 Time-lapse DAS monitoring at the CaMI Field Research Station, Newell County, Alberta Yichuan Wang
Back to the Basics: Geophysics Geophysical evidence of upper-crustal Archean basement folding and/or faulting below the East Range of the Sudbury impact crater Rajesh vayavur
Carbon capture, utilisation and storage part 1 Time-lapse DAS-VSP data acquisition from a permanent seismic source at Aquistore CO2 storage site in 2020 Yuta Kitawaki
Clastic Sedimentology Evidence for late Carboniferous episodic marine incursions in eastern Laurasia Trevor Kelly
Clastic Sedimentology Preliminary Stratigraphic Framework for the Lower Mannville Dina-Cummings Interval, East Central Plains, Alberta Scott Botterill
Clastic Sedimentology Stratigraphic architecture and characterization of a Neoproterozoic continental slope system, Windermere Supergroup, east-central British Columbia, Canada Simona Ruso
Diagenesis of shale and tight reservoirs Methanogenesis and sulfur-cycling in Eocene phosphatic carbonate lacustrine oil shale Alexander Ani
Geophysical Reservoir Characterization A new parallel simulated annealing algorithm for 1.5D acoustic full-waveform inversion Xin Fu
Geothermal Exploration and Development in Canada part 1 Comparing Temperature Data from Oil and Gas and Geothermal Logs – An AB No.1 Case Study Yannick Champollion
Geothermal Exploration and Development in Canada part 1 Geothermal potential of positive temperature anomalies above salt structures in Nova Scotia Carla Skinner
Geothermal Exploration and Development in Canada part 2 Clarke Lake Geothermal Case Study: using the Geothermal Resource Portfolio Optimization and Reporting Technique (GeoRePORT) for Community Engagement and Socio-economic Analysis Yuliana Proenza
Geothermal Exploration and Development in Canada part 2 Geothermal in Alberta – The Holistic View. An Eco-Industrial Cluster Centered on Alberta No. 1 Catherine Hickson
How do reservoirs respond to fluid injection? Effect of Water-soluble Solvent Injection on Bitumen/Water Relative Permeability Maojie Chai
Hydrogeology A Jurisdiction Review of Groundwater (Drinking Water) Pathway Assessments Sheila Duchek
Hydrogeology Chloride Concentration Forecasting in Urban Streams Using Deep Learning models sepideh Emami Tabrizi
Hydrogeology Degassing in the standing water column of a monitoring well completed in gas-charged groundwater Tiago Morais
Indigenous Partnerships in Science Feasibility Study of Geothermal Energy Projects in Yukon with Greenhouse Agriculture Lonn Brown
Indigenous Partnerships in Science Integrating a Hydrogen Economy in Remote Northern Communities Christopher Wallace
Indigenous Partnerships in Science LNG Canada is a Triple Win for Canada, Haisla Nation, and Meeting Global GHG Emission Targets Travis Brookson
Indigenous Partnerships in Science The Impact of CCUS Infrastructure on the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) at Cascade Kevin Grimeau
Lithium resource assessment and development – an emerging element for decarbonization and Canada’s opportunity Critical metals in hydraulic fracturing flowback and produced water from the Montney and Duvernay formations, WCSB Dennis Jiang
Lithium resource assessment and development – an emerging element for decarbonization and Canada’s opportunity Life Cycle Impacts of Direct Lithium Extraction from Canadian Brine Deposits Matthew Dreis
Machine Learning applications in unconventionals reservoir characterization & operations Applications of end-to-end deep learning models in processing digital rock data Majid Bizhani
Machine Learning applications in unconventionals reservoir characterization & operations Feature extraction of petrophysical log data for machine learning-based SAGD performance prediction Namhwa Kim
Machine Learning applications in unconventionals reservoir characterization & operations Integration of data science methods and tech: A case study in Montney shale gas resource, Canada  Shayan Jamil
Machine Learning applications in unconventionals reservoir characterization & operations Using AI/ML to Explore & Develop Quickly and Efficiently Anthony Aming
Managing Transition in a Changing Industry part 1 Pivot to Thrive: How to Harness Change to Unlock Opportunities Olga Rines
Methane Emission Reductions: Success Stories and Trends A Field Investigation on Transport and Fate of Fugitive Gas in Glacial-derived Deposits Jessie Chao
Methane Emission Reductions: Success Stories and Trends Well Done Foundation – Making a big impact by reducing methane emissions #onewellatatime Curtis Shuck
Microseismic/DAS part 1 Simultaneous inversion for anisotropy parameters and microseismic-event locations in orthorhombic media Hongliang Zhang
Montney Modeling fluid migration and distribution in unconventional reservoirs; an example from the Montney Formation, British Columbia, Canada Victoria Chevrot
New Horizons for Enhanced Oil Recovery Cyclic Gas Injection and Continuous Gas Injection into a Low Permeability Depleted Reservoir Richard Baker
New Horizons for Enhanced Oil Recovery Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery in Low-Permeability Reservoirs using Surfactants: An Integrated Rock and Fluid Study Amin Ghanizadeh
New Horizons for Enhanced Oil Recovery Numerical investigation of air injection in a multilayer heavy oil reservoir Min Yang
Offshore (East Coast) Atlantic Canada Resource Exploration & Economics Seismic and Lithological Characterization and Source Rock Potential of the Aptian Naskapi Shale Member, Logan Canyon Formation, Offshore Nova Scotia Anne Hargreaves
Open Data, Open Source, and Open Geoscience Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for the Analysis of Structural Damage After Extreme Weather and Seismic Events Thomas Chen
Petrophysics Virtual Petrophysical Laboratory – Part 2: Testing and Simulation Leon Fedenczuk
Reservoir Optimization Core-scale pulse-decay experiment based on Embedded Discrete Fracture Model (EDFM) Bao Jia
Reservoir Optimization Dispersion Behavior of Some Bentonites Used for Drilling Fluid: Effects of Polymers and Water Qualities Shamima Akther
Sedimentology, stratigraphy and paleontology Aeolian Sandstones of the Upper Triassic Fundy Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada. Kenneth Martyns-Yellowe
Sedimentology, stratigraphy and paleontology Carbonate deposition during terminal closing stage of the eastern Neo-Tethys Ocean: The Chorgali Formation of the Potwar and Hazara Sub-basins, Northern Pakistan Muhammad Khan
Sedimentology, stratigraphy and paleontology Ferruginous sandstone in Late Ordovician Winnipeg Formation, SE Saskatchewan: sedimentary properties and their genetic implications Naveed Iqbal
Sedimentology, stratigraphy and paleontology Sedimentologic properties of mud-dominated deep-shelf carbonates of the Upper Indus Basin: The Paleocene-Eocene Patala Formation of the Hazara Sub-basin, Northern Pakistan shakeel ahmad
Seismic data processing 6D interpolation determinants Mark Ng
Seismic Inversion, Anisotropy and FWI A recurrent neural network for l1 anisotropic viscoelastic full waveform inversion with high-order total variation regularization Tianze Zhang
Seismic Processing/Seismic Imaging A qP wave propagator using staggered grid in 2D VTI media He Liu
Seismic Processing/Seismic Imaging Acoustic FWI using amplitude encoding strategy He Liu
Seismic Processing/Seismic Imaging Deblending using convolutional neural networks Zhan Niu
Seismic Processing/Seismic Imaging Diffraction Multifocusing Stacking With The Watershed Transform Charles Pinnegar
Seismic Signal Processing, Imaging and Inversion: Can Machine Learning replace what we have learned  for more than half a century? Convolutional Neural Network based Geophysical Model for Automatic Velocity Picking in Seismic Data Dennis Quinn
South America Basins Characterizing the Lisama Formation: Jewel of the Middle Magdalena Valley, Colombia Jonathan Noad
Tailings and Mine Waste Remediation from a Geotechnical Perspective Study of the chemical properties in mixtures of red mud with acidic savanna soil, and their effect on the growth of the species Chrysopogon zizaniodes (Vetiver) Dubraska González
Wellbore Casing Deformation in Unconventionals and Heavy Oil: Causes, Prevention & Remediation An Analytical Solution for Required Cement Volume Considering Elastoplastic Rock and Casing Deformation Yarlong Wang
Workplace Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Breaking the Conflict-Stress-Wellness Cycle: Effective Strategies to Protect Your Health at Work and at Home Olga Rines
Workplace Culture, Diversity and Inclusion How We Sabotage Life’s Transitions and What Your Brain Needs To Be Doing Differently Jackie McKay