Non-Student Awards

Best Oral Presentations

Wedge Modelling and Waveform Classification for sub-resolution thickness estimation in the Marcellus
Dennis Ellison

Beyond EOR – Evaluating the Geothermal Potential of Historic Gas and Oil Fields
John Hirschmiller

Challenges in Seismic Imaging in Fold and Thrust Belts
Rob Vestrum

Aguas Vivas Field – A significant new gas discovery “hidden” for over 70 years of exploration history in the Lower Magdalena Valley Basin, Colombia.
Patricia Gavotti, Ryan Aquilini, Andrew Willis, Nilanjan Ganguly, Luz Rodriguez, Sean Johnston, Mark Teare, Aurora Juan

Best Oral Presentation – Honorable Mention

A Process Sedimentology Approach to Understanding the Deposition of Fine-Grained Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Systems: A Case Study from the Altares Member within the Lower Triassic Montney Formation, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
Carolyn Furlong, Patricia Fraino, Per Pedersen, David Eaton

Lithium Exploration Tools from Source to Sink
Edward Bunker, Rebecca Bolton, Rob Crossley, Mark Broadley, Adam Thomas

The perfect storm: Stacking patterns and depositional processes of turbidites in a shallow-water basin, Upper Middle Montney Formation, Alberta.
Daniel Bell, Patricia Fraino, Carolyn Furlong, Stephen Hubbard, Per Pedersen, Christopher Stevenson

The Search for the World’s Fastest Sand Dunes
Jonathan Schueth and Dallin Laycock

Turn your seismic program into a lean, green, resolution machine
Peter Vermeulen, Andrea Crook, Mostafa Naghizadeh, and Stephanie Ross

Modelling for interpreting the effects of thin beds on inverted elastic properties
Carl Reine

Best Posters

The feasibility of re-purposing oil and gas wells for geothermal applications
Emily Smejkal, Catherine Hickson, Katherine Huang, Phil Harms and Dan Kalmanovitch

An Overview of Saskatchewan’s Base of Groundwater Protection Mapping Project
Arden Marsh

Best Posters – Honorable Mention

Precise Reservoir Characterization, Formation Evaluation and completion design using LWD High-Resolution Ultrasonic Imaging in North Kuwait Cretaceous Carbonate: Case Study
David Jesudian, Eslam Elabsy

Dry Holes Analysis Leads To Exploration: Assessment Steps to Determine the Major Reason of Failure in Prospects
M. Akram Qureshi, Kurram Shahzad, Imran Khan, Shabeer Ahmed and Shakeel-ur- Rehman

Student Awards

Best Student Oral Presentation

In Love with Seaweed? Kelp Farming for CO2 Sequestration
Joelle French, Elisa Dong, Seyed Mohammad Hosein Seyed Ghafouri, Jason Shim, and Hossein Tabatabaei

Methane Emissions from Abandoned and Suspended Oil and Gas Wells in Alberta and Saskatchewan
Lauren Bowman, Khalil El Hachem, Oumar Aljabre, Mary Kang

Hydraulic fracture monitoring: Integrated analysis of DAS, pumping information, and microseismicity.
Ana Karen Ortega Perez and Mirko van der Baan

Reconstructing the southern North Atlantic Ocean back through time
Michael T. King, J. Kim Welford

Best Student Oral Presentation – Honorable Mention

Characteristics of surface casing vent flow methane emissions in Red Deer, Alberta
Negar Nazari, Saeed Hatefi Ardakani, Zachary Cunningham, Russell Pilling

Local optimization approaches for simultaneous AVO inversion based on re-parameterized Zoeppritz equations
Mariana Lume, Kristopher Innanen

A “Bad Moon Rising” in Rocky Mountain House – is brine disposal responsible for induced seismicity?
Kienan Marion, David Eaton, Rebecca Salvage

The Techno-Economic Feasibility of a Geothermal District Heating System in Chateh, Alberta
Hasmik Asmaryan, Ekaterina Ossetchkina, Julie Younes, Serafim Grubas

Best Student Poster

Preliminary Stratigraphic analysis of the Jurassic and Cretaceous sequence of the Scotia Basin, Atlantic Canada
Lucia Vivanco, Nicholas Harris, Octavian Catuneanu, Eren Berberoglu, Elena Konstantinovskaya

The complexity of micro- to centimeter-scale heterogeneities in geological and geomechanical properties in fine-grained deposits and how to quantify it
Patricia Fraino, Carolyn Furlong, Per Pedersen

Best Student Poster – Honorable Mention

Structural Analysis and Preliminary Results of Numerical Tectonic Modeling of the Scotian Basin
Eren Berberoglu, Elena Konstantinovskaya, Nicholas Harris, Lucia Vivanco

Congratulations to all of our award winners for their work in preparing the best of GeoConvention 2023!

Award winners were selected by the general convention audience through in-person and virtual delivery voting and reviewed by the GeoConvention judging committee and General/Technical Chairs.

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