Thank you for your Contribution

We are excited that you are joining us on this unconventional conference experience!  Your contribution and participation are certainly appreciated as we look to allow our earth science community the opportunity to knowledge share and network, despite needing to remain physically distant.

Please find below information and resources to help in your preparations. Please contact  should you have any questions.

Presentation Recordings are due by August 20

RegistrationAbstract Manager and Presentation Upload

All Presentation Types

    • Please keep your abstract confirmation handy (5-digit number) - this is your key to presentation uploads, information submission and registration discount
    • All presenters must be registered Convention Delegates. Please register online to confirm you placement in the program; use your abstract ID as your promo code to receive the presenter rate (does not apply to students or in-transition/retired)
    • NEW: You may make changes to your abstract, title and authors through August 1 through the Abstract Management Portal.  If updating your abstract, please use the template 
    • Please also input your presenter bio/head shot 
      • Within your Presenter Portal within the PheedLoop system (access emails sent in early June)
    • Once you have finished your recording, prior to August 20, please upload to the Abstract Manager; MP4 and MOV are the only formats accepted; file size should be less than 1GB
      • Navigate to the abstract manager
      • On your dashboard, click the gear icon next to your paper and select "Edit Abstract/Presentation Upload"
      • Navigate to the bottom of the page and click "upload file" under "Presentation Recording Upload"
    • Presentations will be available during their scheduled time during the conference then following the conference, on-demand, through December 31, 2021

Oral Presentations

  • Generally, each presenter will be scheduled for a total of 25 minutes (20 minute presentation and 5 minute discussion period).  Standard talks should be no more and 20 minutes in length.  Please keep in mind that the time schedule is fixed so that attendees may move between sessions.  Certain keynote presenters may have a double time slot
  • A PowerPoint template is provided for your use (not required)
  • You are asked to log into your sessions at least 5 minutes before it starts to be available for any questions that come up from the audience.  Further details on engaging with the audience will be available as the platform logistics are finalize


By submitting your abstract you allow GeoConvention to publish and promote your submission through all media formats including USB sticks and archiving. GeoConvention will not own the material and the material will remain the property of the individual submitter. Any questions can be directed to

Poster Presentations

Posters will be available throughout the conference, within the GeoGather platform and on-demand following the conference.

  • Poster presenters will prepare a 5-minute (maximum) overview recording of the poster where you walk through the slides or PDF/image
    • the recording should be done through a screen capture/voice recording program so that you may zoom in and out of a PDF/image or advance slides while talking
  • Presenters will also need to provide a jpg of their poster for inclusion within GeoGather
  • We will ask that you check in on your poster throughout the conference to see what questions have been asked via the chat pane.  Specifically, please be with your poster during the morning and afternoon breaks, 9:50am - 10:35am and 2:40pm - 3:20pm, respectively as well as during the late-afternoon networking on the GeoGather platform.   Within Pheedloop, you can follow up with the chat questions in the pane or direct one-on-one conversation through the networking function

Oral AND Poster Presentations

  • For those abstracts accepted as Oral AND Poster, please upload the following:
    • Oral Presentation (20-minutes, in most cases)
    • Poster Presentation (about 5-minutes, quick overview of your work)
    • Poster graphic

Presenter Resources

Start here: Presentation Recording Instructions

PowerPoint Template (optional use)

FlashBack Express Recording Instructions

QuickTime and KeyNote Recording Instructions

Zoom Presentation Recording Tutorial

Chris Harrison's OBS Recording Instructions

Call for Abstract Page (for reference)