Feature Panel: The Role of AI in the Energy SectorTuesday, June 18th, 3:20pm, Hall E
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The 2024 Feature Panel will look at the pragmatic application of artificial intelligence, emphasizing its pivotal role in augmenting efficiency and performance across existing and emerging energy projects. The panel will feature seasoned professionals from the oil and gas and renewables sector and the AI domain. The panel is intended to provide a nuanced perspective on the integration of AI-driven data analytics and will focus on practical use cases and tangible outcomes. We aim to demonstrate how AI technologies can be harnessed to optimize operations, enhance predictive maintenance strategies, and streamline decision-making processes. This session serves as a bridge between traditional energy practices and cutting-edge AI advancements, offering a realistic and impactful exploration of the transformative potential within the oil and gas and renewables segments of the energy sector.

Marissa Reckmann, P.Chem.

Marissa, a Lakehead University alumna with a Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Chemistry, brings over 18 years of expertise spanning Analytical Laboratory, Oil and Gas, and Environmental Consulting sectors across Canada. Notably, her 5-year tenure in environmental consulting in Western Canada focused on Upstream Oil and Gas activities, covering drilling, completions, and reclamation/remediation efforts.

As CEO of AGAT Laboratories, Marissa leads growth strategies across North America alongside her executive team. Recognized for her leadership, she was chosen by the Minister of Labour and Immigration in Alberta as a panelist for International Women’s Day, alongside notable figures like Olympic Gold Medalist Catriona Le May Doan and entrepreneur Geeta Sankappanavar. Marissa's contributions extend beyond the boardroom; she's a keynote speaker at events such as the University of Alberta Women in Business Gala. Her accolades include the Lakehead University Exceptional Alumni Award and the Dr. Edward M. Watkins Award for land reclamation. In 2023, she received the Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Medal (Alberta) for outstanding service to her community and province, embodying a commitment to excellence and impactful change.


Sonya Savage

Sonya Savage is Senior Counsel at BLG. Prior to returning to the legal profession, she served as a Senior Minister in the Alberta Government, as Minister of Energy, Minister of Environment and Protected Areas and Minister of Justice and Solicitor General.

Prior to being elected, Savage was a leading advocate in the energy industry. A lifelong Albertan, Savage started her career practising law before working for 13 years in the pipeline industry, at Enbridge and the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association. She earned a Master of Laws in Environment and Energy in 2015 with a published thesis on the evolving role of the National Energy Board.

As Minister of Energy, she led the Ministry during the global pandemic and price collapse, representing the province at OPEC meetings and across North America and Europe. She implemented a liability management framework to help accelerate reclamation of oil and gas wells, overhauled the Alberta Energy Regulator, and modernized Alberta’s legal, policy and fiscal frameworks in new and emerging growth areas, including strategies to accelerate energy transition investments in critical minerals, hydrogen, geothermal, energy storage, and Small Modular Reactors. In 2022 she developed the province’s framework to advance Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) through CCUS hubs, allocating pore space to 25 projects across the province in 2022.

As Minister of Environment and Protected Areas she developed Alberta’s net-zero climate strategy – the Emissions Reduction and Energy Development Plan in 2023. She retired from politics in 2023 and returned to private practice where she continues to provide strategic advice on energy transition opportunities across Canada.

Duncan Mundell

Duncan Mundell, Head of Invent at AltaML, is an accomplished business technology leader with over 25 years of experience, recently serving as both a local Canadian and global leader within Microsoft. With a Bachelor of Business Science from the University of Cape Town, Duncan has a proven track record of success in leading customer success and consulting outcomes for clients, and nurturing high-performance technology talent. Duncan is recognized for his people-first approach, fostering inclusive and motivated work environments and is active in community service with a passion for leadership and mentoring.


Jess Kozman

Jess Kozman is a Senior Principal Consultant for Katalyst Data Management currently based in the Americas headquarter office in Houston. He is responsible for deploying client solutions across the resource sector using emerging technologies. He has been involved in projects using AI to add value to data supporting emerging low-carbon energy projects, including geothermal, hydrogen and helium exploration, geologic carbon storage, wind and critical minerals. His technical team specializes in highlighting the criticality of large and diverse curated datasets to support successful AI outcomes. Jess has an extensive and global background in geosciences, resource exploration, information technology management, and data management best practices.