Acedo, Joaquín Non-uniform Dispersed Source Arrays for broadband seismic acquisition: A reconstruction approach. Oral Only
Acuna-Uribe, Mateo; Lowe, David; Azmy, Karem New evidence of carbonate cementation in the Hibernia Formation, Hibernia field, offshore Newfoundland: implications for reservoir quality Poster Only
Adebayo, Philip; Fry, Nicholas;Adebayo, Philip; Fry, Nicholas; Mohamad, Abdulmajeed; Mwesigye, Aggrey; Shor, Roman; Building decarbonization applications from the subsurface: Calgary building developers are leaning into geothermal technologies Both Oral AND Poster
Adepoju, Yaqub Review of the Structure and Stratigraphy of Phanerozoic Deposits in the Mackenzie Delta, NWT, Canada Oral Only
Agbogun, Henry Single or Multiple Sources for Oils in Western Kansas: An Oil-Oil Correlation Study Poster not Oral
Ahmad, Shakeel ; Ahmad, Shakeel; Ghazi, Shahid; Shahzad, Rana; Gul, Rizwan; Iqbal, Shahid; Riaz, Muhammad Calibration of Depositional Sequences of the Lower Cretaceous Clastics with the Global Sea Level Curves, Lower Indus Platform Basin, Pakistan Both Oral AND Poster
Aldrich, Jeffrey; Golko, Steven In Search of a Helium Standard: Valuations and Regulations in Global Capital Markets Oral Only
Allen, David Going Old-School: Helium Exploration in SW Saskatchewan Oral Only
Allo, Fabien; Formento, Jean-Luc; Porjesz, Robert Monitoring of CO2 stored in underground geological reservoirs using surface seismic data Oral Only
Amundaray, Ninoska; Keating, Scott; Eaid, Matt; Innanen, Kris Well-log parameterized full waveform inversion at the CMC Newell County facility Oral Only
Asmaryan, Hasmik; Shor, Roman; Shareef, Mujtaba Geothermal Energy as a Heat Source for Oil Sands Processing in Alberta: Greenhouse Gas (GHG)​ Emissions Quantification Both Oral AND Poster
Atkinson, Elizabeth; Lister, Chris; Kung, Lindsay; Dewing, Keith; Krakowka, Ashley; Kalejaiye, Adebukonla; Durling, Paul; Carey, John Geological Survey of Canada Qualitative Petroleum Resource Assessments, process and examples from Atlantic Canada Oral Only
Attalage, Dinu; ATTALAGE, DINU; Improving methane oxidation in energy well leakage by biofilters: an exploratory lab study Oral Only
Ayranci, Korhan Applications of Forward Stratigraphic Modelling in Modern Settings Poster only
Ayranci, Korhan; Yildirim, Isa; Waheed, Umair; MacEachern, James Automated Core-Based Ichnological Descriptions Using Machine Learning Poster Only
AzadKhorasani, Ayda; AzadKhorasani, Ayda; Welford, J. Kim; Malcolm, Alison Seismic Fault Detection using Neural Networks Both Oral AND Poster
Azarpour, Moslem; Morozov, Igor Application of Artificial Neural Networks to geological classification: porphyry prospectivity in British Columbia Poster not Oral
Azarpour, Moslem; Morozov, Igor Geological reservoir property classification using artificial neural networks with optimal selection of seismic attributes Both Oral AND Poster
Baig, Adam; Karimi, Sepideh; Witten, Benjamin; Naumov, Evgeny Benchmarking and Validation of Automated Real-Time Seismic Event Detection Oral Only
Bajpai, Shachi ; Bajpai, Shachi; Dasgupta, Sudipta; Buatois, Luis Ichnological variability of a Cretaceous shelf-edge delta: the Missisauga Formation, Offshore Nova Scotia, Canada Oral Only
Barthwal, Himanshu; Shcherbakov, Robert; van den Berghe, Matthew Dispersion analysis of guided waves observed on microseismic records in an underground mine Oral Only
Bauman, Paul Geophysical Water Exploration and Self-Supply in Post-Conflict Uganda Oral Only
Bennett, Barry; Jiang, Chunqing Oil-Oil and Oil-Source Correlation and the Origin of the Heavy Oil and Bitumen Accumulations of North Eastern Alberta, Canada Oral Only
Berberoglu, Eren; Konstantinovskaya, Elena; Harris, Nicholas; Vivanco, Lucia Structural Analysis and Kinematic Reconstruction of Deformation along the Nova Scotia Passive Margin, Atlantic Canada Oral Only
Berumen-Borrego, Fernando; Gilbert, Hersh; Gosselin, Jeremy; Dettmer, Jan; Colpron, Maurice; Relf, Carolyn; Using HVSR measurements from ambient noise in the Burwash Landing Region to determine bedrock depth and unravel its geothermal potential Both Oral AND Poster
Birce, Alyson;Gerl, Brad; Cova, Raul EcoSeis: Can Lower Environmental Footprint Seismic Provide Accurate Rock Properties and be Operationally Efficient? Oral Only
Bishop, Brendan; Robbins, Leslie Overview of potential lithium sources in the WCSB Both Oral AND Poster
Brasnett, Gord; Veeger, Floris; Claringbould, Han De-risking Geothermal for Direct-use Heating in Canada: Lessons Learned from Europe Oral Only
Brem, Arjan Impact of Conceptual Bias in Faults Poster not Oral
Brem, Arjan Geotourism on Borneo Both Oral AND Poster
Brown, Evan The Variogram Basics: A visual introduction to one of the most useful geostatistical concepts Oral Only
Brun, Victoria; Chen, Sandy Focused seismic CO2 monitoring: from detection to characterisation Oral Only
Bui, Hanh; van der Baan, Mirko; Sacchi, Mauricio Comparison of sparse Gabor-based methods for detection of microseismic events Oral Only
Bui, Hanh; van der Baan, Mirko Event locations: Speeding up grid searches using quadratic interpolation Oral Only
Burkholder, M Kent A Strategic Approach to Facility Carbon Capture Planning Oral Only
Caddel, Matthew; Ayre, Amber What have we been talking about? A data-analytics retrospective on Geoconvention Poster Only
Cai, Xiaohui;Innanen , Kristopher; Eaid, Matthew; Lawton, Donald; Hu, Qi; Keating, Scott; Rapid-repeat time lapse seismic VSP imaging of CO2 injection Oral Only
Cartagena-Pérez, Daniel; Rangriz Shokri, Alireza; Zambrano, Gonzalo; Pantov, Dmytro; Wang, Yazhao; Hawkes, Chris; Chalaturnyk, Rick Geotechnical Centrifuge Modeling of CO2 EOR in CHOPS Reservoirs Both Oral AND Poster
Chalaturnyk , Rick; Donming, Zheng; Statistical inverse analysis of the RGP tests at Primrose-Wolf Lake oil sands field Both Oral AND Poster
Chatellier, Jean-Yves Recommended method to analyzed cuttings by XRF -applications to Montney horizontal wells after learning from vertical and horizontal wells from a variety of formations Oral Only
Chatellier, Jean-Yves; Duggan, James; Afzal, Jamil; Siddique, Faraz; Palekar, Arshad; Asghar, Afnan; Naveed, Yasir Hydrothermal alteration controlling reservoir quality in the Lockhart and Sakesar formations in two Pakistan exploration wells revealed and confirmed by a combination of XRF – petrography and SEM/EDX – a view of the complementarity of the tools Oral Only
Cheng, Anran; Sherwood Lollar, Barbara; Gluyas, Jon; Ballentine, Chris The formation of low-carbon, N2-dominated helium gas fields Oral Only
Chopra, Satinder; Sharma, Ritesh; Castagna, John; Bredesen, Kenneth Phase decomposition and its applications Oral Only
Chopra, Satinder; Sharma, Ritesh; Bredesen, Kenneth; Marfurt, Kurt Seismic reservoir characterization of an aquifer gas storage (CCUS) in Denmark: Part 1 Oral Only
Chopra, Satinder; Sharma, Ritesh; Castagna, John; Marfurt, Kurt Bandwidth extension of seismic data and its applications Oral Only
Chopra, Satinder; Sharma, Ritesh; Bredesen, Kenneth; Marfurt, Kurt Seismic reservoir characterization of an aquifer gas storage (CCUS) in Denmark: Part 2 Oral Only
Cooper, Joanna; Lawton, Don; McCoy, Sean; Mirzayev, Mammad Prospectivity methodology for regional CO2 storage potential Oral Only
Cooper, Mark; Fermor, Peter; Fallas, Karen Geologic Map, Well and Seismic database Developments for Structural Assessment of the Cordilleran Foreland Belt Oral Only
Cortis, Anthony; Farley, Andrew; Wright, Matthew; Meckel, Trey The Dandaragan Trough, northern Perth Basin. New thinking in a mature basin delivers multi-Tcf gas discoveries, new play opportunities, a prolific geothermal fairway and promising CCS opportunities. Oral Only
Costin, Simona ; Scaini, Stefano; Fink, Taylor; Brisco, Colin; Dutta, Shelly; Gupta, Adarsh; Bhutwala, Raj; Yadav, Divyanshu; Chattopadhyay, Monomita; Use of ML in CSS micro-seismic monitoring workflow in Cold Lake, AB Oral Only
Couch, Andrew Vertical compartmentalization by laterally extensive mudstone beds in turbidite reservoirs – A Case study from the Huntington Field Block 22/14a, UK North Sea Oral Only
Cova, Raul Direct probabilistic inversion under VTI conditions Oral Only
Cova, Raul Using AVO inversion to assess seismic acquisition geometries Oral Only
Crook, Andrea Sustainable and Innovative Geophysics Acquisition Oral Only
CUI, Albert; Nassichuk, Brent Improving MMV of geological CO2 storages with consideration of geochemical reactions: a review of the state of the art and challenges Oral Only
D’Aubeterre, Gabriela ; Aristimuno, Joaquin; Fernandez-Conchezo, Jorge; Carvajal, Carla Well Tie Tutorial and its importance in Seismic Interpretation and Inversion Both Oral AND Poster
Dalrymple, Robert; Rivers, John Transgressive Coastal Sedimentation in Carbonate Environments: Are Metre-scale Shallowing-upward Cycles Upside Down? Oral Only
Daniels, Benjamin; Hubbard, Stephen; Matthews, William; Horner, Sean; Quinn, Garrett Regional stratigraphy and U-Pb detrital zircon geochronology of the Lower Cretaceous Mannville Group, Alberta: insights into sediment transfer in an uplifted foreland basin Both Oral AND Poster
de Boer, Thomas Navigating the Challenges of Small Modular Reactors: A Comprehensive Study of Site Design, Policy, Economics, and Community Integration in Canada’s Nuclear Energy Transition Both Oral AND Poster
de Boer, Thomas Characterizing Anisotropy within the Montney Formation Oral Only
Deng, Jian Induced Mechanism of Rockbursts in Deep Underground Mining Oral Only
Do, Khanh; Do, Khanh; Zhao, Thomas Multi-Disciplinary Geochemical Analysis and Quality Control for Large Datasets Oral Only
Dola, Jon; Holmes, Sorrel Pelles A-71: Exploring in the Deepwater Flemish Pass Basin Oral Only
Dorey, Kathleen New Energy Challenges: Exploring for Lithium Oral Only
Doyoro, Yonatan Garkebo Jointly inverting resistivity and seismic data and jointly interpreting separate results to reduce single-method uncertainty Poster Only
Doyoro, Yonatan Garkebo; Chang, Ping-Yu Detection of river channel infiltration using joint inversion of resistivity imaging and refraction tomography Poster Only
Dragoie, Calin Precision Geosteering in the North Duvernay Formation Poster was Oral
Duhault, John Uncertainty in a CCS project: What critical geophysical information do you need to mitigate financial failure? Oral Only
Dumitrescu, Carmen Integrated Geoscience Workflow for Drilling Optimization and Enhanced Oil-sand Production Oral Only
Dumitrescu, Carmen Improving Seismic Acquisition through Seismic Inversion Oral Only
Eaton, David; Boggs, Katherine; Johnston, Stephen International Geological Congress: Leveraging Canadian geoscience to accelerate the evolution of low-carbon energy systems Poster not Oral
Eaton, David; Wozniakowska, Paulina A statistical approach to test spatial association hypotheses for induced seismicity distributions Oral Only
Eaton, David; Kao, Honn; Canales, Mauricio; Shipman, Todd Natural and induced seismicity in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Oral Only
Emery, David; Guarido, Marcelo; Trad, Daniel Mineralogy Classification Comparison to Empirical Log Relationship and Implication for Physics Informed Machine Learning Poster Only
Ezzaroug, Aiman Paleotopographic highs and incised valleys at the top of the Middle Ordovician Hawaz Formation, Murzuq Basin, SW Libya: New insights from high-resolution seismic attributes Both Oral AND Poster
Fay, Mathew Mercury concentrations in produced gas, condensate, water and rock from the Montney Formation Oral Only
Ferens, Trevin; Durkin, Paul Utilizing planform reconstructions to constrain anomalous point bar heterogeneity Oral Only
Fletcher, Sean Visualizing Sedimentological Variability Near Vulnerable NASA Infrastructure at Cape Canaveral, FL and Wallops Island, VA. Oral Only
Fossen, Drew Airborne and Ground-Based TEM Methods in the Mining Industry: Advantages, Pitfalls, and Limitations Oral Only
Fowler, Martin Geochemical Evidence for a non-Tithonian source for oil staining in northern Scotian Shelf wells Oral Only
Fox, Matthew; Mullen, Chris; Rahman, Wahid Expanding the Giant: A Review of the Hugoton Area’s Gas Fields’ First 100 Years of Development in the Permian’s Hydrocarbon-Helium Gas System. Oral Only
Fraino, Patricia; Furlong, Carolyn; Poirier, Simon; Pedersen, Per Facies Heterogeneity and Stacking Patterns Control on Meter-scale, Mechanically Bounded Units: An Example from the Lower Triassic Sulphur Mountain Formation (Montney Equivalent) Poster Only
Fu, Xin Source-independent acoustic full-waveform inversion Poster Only
Fudge, Ashlee Continuous Acquisition of Time Domain Electromagnetic Data to Map Hydrostratigraphy Under a Large Water Body Poster was Oral
Funk, Craig Operationally focused Geophysics in Extraction Industries: an Exciting Career Oral Only
Furlong, Carolyn; Fraino, Patricia; Pedersen, Per Natural Fracture Patterns Exposed on Bedding Planes: Using Observations in Outcrops to Infer Subsurface Trends Poster Only
Furlong, Carolyn; Fraino, Patricia; Haeri Ardakani, Omid; Pedersen, Per Coastal depositional environments along eastern Montney coast, implications for dispersal processes to the basinal Montney Oral Only
Galvis Portilla, Henry Outcrop and Subsurface Reservoir Characterization of the Duvernay Formation in the East Shale Basin: Using Traditional Methods to Tackle New Challenges Oral Only
Ganesh, Ajay; Rangriz Shokri, Alireza; Zambrano, Gonzalo; Chalaturnyk, Rick; Nickel, Erik Control-Relevant Fast Proxy Modelling of CO2 Storage Operation in Deep Saline Aquifers Poster was Oral
Garcia Rodriguez, Guido; Konstantinovskaya, Elena; Fothergill, Pat Natural fractures in the shale gas reservoir of the Duvernay Formation, Kaybob area, Alberta Oral Only
Ghafur, Ala; Salad Hersi, Osman Diagenetic evolution and its effect on the reservoir quality of Oligo-Miocene Kirkuk Group, Kurdistan Region, Northern Iraq VIRTUAL ONLY
Ghanizadeh, Amin Experimental Evaluation of Relative Permeability in Low-Permeability Rocks: Examples from the Montney and Bakken Formations (Canada) Oral Only
Ghanizadeh, Amin; Younis, Adnan Visual Evidence of Iron Precipitation and Dolomite Dissolution in Low-permeability Siltstones due to Interaction with Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids Oral Only
Girotto, Kristian; Huang, Chuqiao; Kent, Bryan; Dashtgard, Shahin Initiation and Evolution of a Forearc Basin – Nanaimo Group, Georgia Basin, British Columbia, Canada Oral Only
Gonzalez Arismendi, Gabriela; Muehlenbachs, Karlis Why do energy wells’ fail? Insights of sourcing from Surface Casing Vent gas carbon isotope geochemistry Oral Only
Gonzalez Arismendi, Gabriela; Muehlenbachs, Karlis Application of faulty energy wells’ gas carbon isotope data to allocate and reduce methane emissions in the WCSB Oral Only
Gordon, Adriana; Goodway, Bill; Cova, Raul; Pardasie, Wendell; Mutual, Evan; Leaney , Scott; Ng, Matt Characterization of multiple formations for gas production and CO2 sequestration Oral Only
Gouwy, Sofie; Kabanov, Pavel; The type section of the Canol Formation (Devonian black shale) at Powell Creek: Critical assessment and correlation in the northern Cordillera, NWT, Canada Oral Only
Grant, Elige; Zhang, Jian; Nyffenegger, Paul; Hutchenson, Kevin; Grant, Elige; Jennings, Jason; Quigley, Derek; Tinker, Mark; Macquet, Marie; Velocity calibration for microseismic monitoring at the Newell County carbon storage facility using SADAR compact phased arrays Oral Only
Gray , Richard Changing geophysical priorities for CCS projects – balancing technical rigour with cost effective solutions Oral Only
Gray, David; Hawkins, Dalton; Wen, Renjun; Luo, Cindy Predicting Microseismic Event Density before Drilling Oral Only
Gray, David; Wen, Renjun; Zhang, Rongfeng Enhancing the Prediction of Production by Incorporating Near-Wellbore Seismic Volumes Oral Only
Gray, David; Wen, Renjun; Zhang, Rongfeng Getting AI to Abide by Your Interpretations Oral Only
Greaves, Cameron; King, Edward; Eamer, Jordan; Spooner, Ian Absolute ages and stratigraphic timing for late-postglacial mass-failures in St. Anns Basin, offshore Nova Scotia Oral Only
Green, Ryan; Pedersen, Dr. Per Kent Seismic facies differentiation using a multi-variate process of the Early Jurassic, Browse Basin, North West Shelf, Australia. Poster not Oral
Gross, Cory Fumbling Toward Earth Science Education Oral Only
Grubas, Serafim; Van der Baan, Mirko Results of crowdsourcing for first arrival picking of earthquakes: lessons learned Poster was Oral
Guarido, Marcelo; Emery, David; Innanen, Kristopher Using Natural Language Processing to Convert Mud-Log Chip Descriptions to Useful Data Tables Oral Only
Guo, Yi; Lin, Rongzhi; Sacchi, Mauricio Optimal OBN acquisition design based on reinforcement learning approach Oral Only
Hall, Kevin; Innanen, Kris; Lawton, Don New multi-component strain-tensor results from an experimental directional fibre-optic sensor Oral Only
Han, Hongxue; Van der Baan, Mirko In-situ Stress Estimation around the Kiskatinaw Seismic Monitoring and Mitigation Area Poster was Oral
Han, Jiajun Amplitude Versus Frequency Poster Only
Harder, Emily The Window In: Microscopy and Scanning Techniques for Reservoir Definition and Resource Recovery Poster Only
Hashemi, Hosein Seismic Facies Analysis and Machine Learning Methods: Considerations & Examples VIRTUAL ONLY
Hawkes, Chris; Hendi, Sepidehalsadat; White, Don; Bellefleur, Gilles; Gorjian, Mostafa Sensitivity of Cross-well Seismic Measurements to Wellbore Materials, Sensor Placement and Sensor Type: A Numerical Investigation Based on the Aquistore CO2 Storage Site Oral Only
Hayes, Brad Helium in Alberta – Bringing a Critical Commodity On Stream Oral Only
Hayes, Brad Energy Education Oral Only
Hayman, Adam Learnings from the Alberta Methane Emissions Program (AMEP) Oral Only
Hayward, Nash Influence of Salt Tectonics on the Deposition of Deep-Water Marine Deposits, Jeanne d’Arc Basin Oral Only
Hickson, Catherine; Dusseault, Maurice Decarbonizing Heat in Canada’s North Both Oral AND Poster
Hickson, Catherine; Smejkal, Emily; Wood, Andy Nahanni Butte, NWT – Right Sizing Geothermal Development Both Oral AND Poster
Hillier, Chelsey; Rostron, Ben; Maurer, Zach; Caplan, Mark; Kreis, Kim Spatial Distribution Of Lithium In Saline Brines (Duperow Aquifer) In Southeast Saskatchewan. Oral Only
Hobbs, Travis; Arshadi, Maziar Optimized Montney Oil Recovery from Proppant Pack and Pore Matrix using Surfactants Oral Only
Hons, Michael; Naghizadeh, Mostafa; Kolesar, Randy What does Fresnel fold mean? Oral Only
Hu, Qi; Innanen, Kris Bayesian approaches to estimating rock physics properties from seismic attributes Poster Only
Huang, Shang; Trad, Daniel Discrete wavelet transform application in a CNN-based reverse time migration with multiple energy Poster Only
Hubert, Casey Using thermophilic bacteria to lower emissions and enhance production during steam-assisted gravity drainage Both Oral AND Poster
Hunt, Lee; Street, Eric; Hack, Graham Subsurface methodologies and CCS: similarities and differences Oral Only
Hutchenson, Kevin ; Hutchenson, Kevin;Nyffenegger, Paul; Zhang, Jian; Grant, Elige; Quigley, Derek; Jennings, Jason; Tinker, Mark; Lawton, Don; Microseismic monitoring using SADAR arrays at the Newell County carbon storage facility: what have we learned in a year? Oral Only
Imran, Qazi Quantitative Implementation of Geostatistical Inversion for Thin Bed Delineation and Description. Oral Only
Innanen, Kristopher; Hall, Kevin; Lawton, Donald A time-lapse multi-offset, multi-azimuth VSP acquired as a candidate for low-cost monitoring of CO2 injection and storage Oral Only
Iqbal, Naveed ; Hersi, Osman Volumetric distribution and reservoir analysis of the Late Ordovician Black Island Member of the Winnipeg Formation, Southeastern Saskatchewan Poster only
Jaroling, Jan; Shalmani, Shervin Machine versus Human – Imagery Geotechnical Data Collection Oral Only
Jensen, Gavin Lithium exploration in Saskatchewan: New data from the 2022 sampling season as well as new data from recent industry exploration. Oral Only
Jesudian, David; Coronado, Jose Gregorio; Integrated High Resolution Static Model Build in Challenging Carbonates, Kuwait Poster not Oral
Jiang, Dennis; Leece, Adam; Wang, Xiaomeng; Hobbs, Travis Lithium in flowback and produced water from Duvernay shale and Montney tight reservoirs in Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: It’s resource and extraction Poster Only
JIANG, LINGEN; JIANG, LINGEN Mining induced stress change monitoring at Rocanville potash mine Oral Only
Johnston, Brad Appalachian CO2 Storage Potential in the Oriskany Sandstone Oral Only
Kambale Kavyavu, Wisdom Geothermal Resource Exploration in DRC: A Country Update Poster not Oral
Kant, Patrick Geothermal mapping and remote sensing of thermal anomalies at Grændalur area, Hveragerði, SW Iceland Oral Only
Khadangi, Laleh; Gilbert, Hersh; Lawton, Donald; Macquet, Marie Seasonal variation of dv/v at the Newell County Facility in Alberta, Canada Poster not Oral
Khan Mohammadi, Abolfazl; Malcolm, Alison; Farquharson, Colin Toward Automating Seismic Trace Editing Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Poster not Oral
Khatrine, Grace; Lowe, David Volcaniclastic Deep-water Facies and Architecture of an Arc Adjacent Lobe Fan System: The Mistaken Point Formation, St. John’s, Newfoundland Both Oral AND Poster
Khriashchevska, Oksana Exploration history and hydrocarbon potential of Ukraine. Can it contribute to the energy future? Oral Only
Kim, Namhwa; Shin, Hyundon; Kim, Kwanghyun Optimization of SAGD well elevation utilizing a score of horizontal layers in multi-realized reservoir models Poster Only
Kolkman-Quinn, Brendan; Lawton, Don; Macquet, Marie VSP imaging of upward migration from CO2 injection Oral Only
Koning, Tako The Messel Pit, Central Germany – Fossilized Treasures of the Eocene Both Oral AND Poster
Koning, Tako The Orange Basin, Deepwater Namibia One of the World’s Newest and Hottest Oil and Gas Hunting Grounds Both Oral AND Poster
Koning, Tako; Kreeft, Gerard The Critical Role of Natural Gas for Global Energy Security and the Energy Transition Oral Only
Konstantinovskaya, Elena; Marcil, Jean-Sébastien; Rivard, Christine; Massé, Luc; Séjourné, Stephan; Lavoie, Denis; The effect of natural fractures on CO2 injection and storage capacity in tight sandstone reservoir, St. Lawrence Platform, Quebec Oral Only
Krakowka, Ashley Petroleum Resource Assessment of the Fundy Basin: A Literature Review Poster Only
Lapietra Garcia, Pedro Investigating Noise Propagation in Urban Environments using Spectral Element Method: A Comparative Study of Train Horns and Church Bells Poster Only
Laugier, Bernard Unsupervised AI integration toward an efficient timeline reduction in a successful CCUS planning and monitoring process. VIRTUAL ONLY
Lawton, Don Measurement, Monitoring and Verification (MMV) for large-scale geological carbon storage projects Oral Only
Le, My; Hadlari, Thomas Geology of the Canadian Arctic Islands and Arctic Alaska restored to Jurassic relative positions using GIS tools Poster Only
Leaney, Scott; Goodway, Bill Sh reflections and density estimation for CO2 monitoring Oral Only
Leshchyshyn, Tim; Vande, Angela Complete Refrac History in the Duvernay and Its Refrac Potential: Successes and Failures Poster not Oral
Leshchyshyn, Tim; Vande, Angela Frac Sand Quality: How Low Can You Go? Poster not Oral
Leshchyshyn, Tim; Vande, Angela Montney Machine Learning Evaluating Clay Control, Surfactant and Scale Inhibitors: Optimal Additives Types and Concentrations Both Oral AND Poster
Leshchyshyn, Tim; Vande, Angela Montney Review of all Refracs Including the Failures Poster not Oral
Li, Carmen Hydrocarbon seep-associated microbes for offshore oil and gas exploration Oral Only
li, hong; Tian, He; Peng, Yu; Liu, Fan; Zhao, Yujie; Yan, Han; Luo, Yichun; Liu, Guoxin Multi-scale numerical method for multiphase flow in fractured reservoir Oral Only
Li, Ji Robust reconstruction via Group Sparsity with Radon operators Poster Only
Li, Jinji; Innanen, Kristopher; Keating, Scott; Shor, Roman; Kazemi, Nasser Exploring the Possibility of Utilizing Seismic-While-Drilling and Full-waveform Inversion to Enhance Drilling Program Management Both Oral AND Poster
Li, Ziyan; Eaton, David; Davidsen, Joern Physics-informed deep learning to forecast expected maximum magnitude during hydraulic fracturing Oral Only
Lin, Wen; Bhattacharya, Janok Storm-flood-dominated delta A new type of delta in stormy Oceans Oral Only
Lira Fontes, Paloma; Sánchez-Galvis, Ivan; Trad, Daniel The use of U-Net and hyperbolic Radon transform for multiple attenuation Poster Only
Liseroudi, Mastaneh; Ardakani, Omid; Pedersen, Per; Stern, Richard; Wood, James; Sanei, Hamed; Diagenetically-controlled H2S and pyrite in the Lower Triassic Montney Formation, Peace River Region, Western Canada Oral Only
Liu, He; Fu, Xin; Trad, Daniel; Innanen, Kristopher Time-lapse FWI using simultaneous sources Poster Only
Longfield, Stephen Eavor-Loop™ Tilburg, Netherlands: A Closed-Loop Geothermal System for District Heating Use Oral Only
Lume Larez, Mariana; Keating, Scott; Innanen, Kris Towards improving crosstalk suppression in multiparameter FWI by decorrelating parameter classes Oral Only
Luo, Xintian; Wen, Renjun Near wellbore heterogeneity modeling workflow to derive directional permeabilities for static reservoir models Oral Only
Lynch, Gregory Atlas 2027 Project: Update and Modernization of WCSB Geological Atlas Oral Only
Lynch, Gregory; MacNaughton, Robert Atlas 2027: Regional Cambrian-Lower Ordovician Maps Integrating the Northern and Southern Reaches of the WCSB Oral Only
MacDonald, Evan Quantifying Risk for Sequestration Success – A Look At Potential CO2 Storage Hazards and Complications in Southern Louisiana Oral Only
Macquet, Marie; Lawton, Don Semi-continuous electrical resistivity tomography for geological carbon storage monitoring – upward migration evidence at the CMC’s carbon storage pilote site Oral Only
Macquet, Marie; Behmanesh, Hamid;Kolkman-Quinn, Brendan; Cooper, Joanna; Lawton, Don Multi-disciplinary evidence of upward migration at the CMC Newell County Facility Oral Only
Mah, Patrick Near surface geophysics for geohazard risk identification for pipelines Oral Only
Mahmoudian, Faranak; Curtis, Josh; De Meersman, Kristof; Staples, Greg; Kennedy, Regan Deblending of simultaneous source data Oral Only
Mao, Cui; Hersi, Osman Characteristics of tight sandstones of the Lianggaoshan Formation in Gongshanmiao Oilfield, Sichuan Basin, China Poster Only
Marcano, Norka Geochemical Characterization of a Gas Condensate Accumulation: A Case Study from the Middle East Both Oral AND Poster
Marcil, Jean-Sebastien; Lazar, Cassandre; Meyer, Julia Enhanced Stratigraphic Correlations in Shales Sequences Using Extract Dna From Endolithic Microorganisms, Quebec, Canada Oral Only
Mardani, Ryan; Mardani, Mohammad; Trad, Daniel Rock Facies Imbalanced Classification with Over-Sampling and Under-Sampling Techniques Oral Only
Marion, Kienan; Eaton, David; Salvage, Rebecca “Act Naturally” – comparing natural and induced seismicity in west-central Alberta Both Oral AND Poster
McLellan, Patrick; Hawkes, Chris; Fox, Amy; Schmitt, Douglas; Yang, Baohong; Gaucher, Michelle; Glover, Ken Status Report on the Updated In Situ Stress Chapter of the 2027 Geological Atlas of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Oral Only
McMechan, Margaret; Fermor, Peter; Hews, Peter; Gardner, David; Pratt, Brian; Root, Kevin; Atlas 2027 – the Mesoproterozoic Purcell Supergroup Oral Only
McMurray, Andrew; Marouf, Shabnam; Dack, Robert; Johnston, Thomas; Sinkey, Matthew; Noynay, John; Advanced Real-Time Geo-Engineering Completion Optimization for Fractured Wells: Field Case Study in Montney/Duvernay Poster was Oral
Mirzayeva, Tahmina; van der Baan, Mirko Use of engineering data for microseismic event pattern analysis and determination of fracture height Oral Only
Monsegny, Jorge; Lawton, Don; Trad, Daniel Neural networks for DAS time-lapse imaging at CaMI-FRS Oral Only
Monsegny, Jorge; Trad, Daniel; Lawton, Don Seismic imaging quantum style Oral Only
Moore, David The Burgess Shale: A Journey Back in Time Oral Only
Morin, Francis Risk Management Plan – The Key to a Successful CCS Project Oral Only
Muller, Sam Predicting Facies Using Logged Core, a Sequence of Random Forests and a 3D Seismic Dataset Oral Only
Mustaqeem, Azer; Baranova, Valentina; Kieu, Binh Reservoir Characterization of Faults and fractures of granitic basement Cuu Long Basin, offshore Vietnam Oral Only
Mutual, Evan; Mills, Andrew; Cova, Raul; Roriguez, Maximo; Goodway, Bill; Pardasie, Wendell; Cardozo, Luis; Gerl, Brad; Danyluk, Mark; Fluid Characterization using 4D Simultaneous AVO and Rock Physics Inversion Oral Only
Nadaraju, Genga Geotechnical and economic strategies in Helium Exploration: A case study in WCSB and Montana Oral Only
Nagarajappa , Nirupama Machine learning model life cycle management Poster was Oral
Naghizadeh, Mostafa Choosing the Right Seismic Acquisition Geometry for Your Survey Both Oral AND Poster
Nazari, Negar; Hayman, Adam Identification and characterization of super emitter surface casing vent flows in Alberta Oral Only
Nicholson, Kirby Using Fracture Extension Pressure from (Treatment) Stage Fall-Off Analysis to Accurately Predict Closure Pressure & Identify Anomalies in the NE BC Montney Oral Only
Niederhuber, Thomas; Müller, Birgit; Schmitt, Douglas; Nycz, Jason Uniform NE-SW Compression in the Devonian Grosmont Formation in NE Alberta: Constraints on Stress Directions and Magnitudes from Analysis of Drilling Induced Tensile Fractures Both Oral AND Poster
Noad, Jon The Gog Quartzite: CCS Analogue Extraordinaire and Potential Target Oral Only
Noad, Jon Ancient Oyster Beds of Alberta: Overlooked but Geologically Significant Oral Only
Novakovic, Mark Integration of Ground Motions into Induced Seismicity Risk Management in the Kiskatinaw Area, Northeast B.C. Oral Only
Nowroozi, Davood Microseismic detection at CaMI.FRS (CO2 injection in a shallow target) Oral Only
Nyffenegger, Paul; Nyffenegger, Paul; Zhang, Jian; Grant, Elige; Jennings, Jason; Quigley, Derek; Hutchenson, Kevin; Tinker, Mark; Macquet, Marie; Estimates of performance model factors for passive microseismic SADAR phased arrays at the Newell County Facility Oral Only
Oldenburg , Thomas The impact of natural supercritical CO2 on the chemical composition of in-reservoir oils Oral Only
Olutusin, David; Asker, Mohammad; Hassan, Yahya;Hassan, Yahya; Asker, Mohammad Utilizing Mud loss Zones Within Fractured Carbonate Formation for Effluent Water Disposal Both Oral AND Poster
Onum, Adikwu;Sabinus , Ibeneme; Stella , Okenu; Emmanuel, Ugwuegbu; Ejembi, Ajuma Lithium Mapping using Integrated Airborne and Ground Geophysical Techniques in Parts of the Middle-Benue Trough, Nigeria. Poster was Oral
Osadetz, Kirk; Lawton, Donald; Utting, Nicholas Well Integrity Monitoring at CCS Projects: A Case Study Oral Only
Palsgrove, Regan Pursuing a New Exploration Trend in Guyana Oral Only
Pasha, Mustafa Spend Pennies Earn Hundreds of Dollars Extra Oral Only
Peake, Adam Seismic Refraction Survey Design Oral Only
Pendrel, John; Schouten, Henk Facies-Based Modelling of Reservoir Properties from Seismic Partial-Angle Stacks Oral Only
Perez, Marco Modelling Fractures in Rocks Oral Only
Podetz, Christopher ; Donaldson, W. Steven;Horton, Jeffrey; Fockler, Meridee Chart Toppers: The Best Wells of 2022-2023 Oral Only
Popovici, Alexander; Tanushev, Nick FWI in Image Domain using Beam Tomography Oral Only
Poulton, Terence Teasing out Early and Middle Jurassic Pacific margin accretionary tectonics in the Canadian western interior early foreland system Oral Only
Pradisti, Raisha; van der Baan, Mirko Annual variation of Gutenberg-Richter parameters in Northeastern British Columbia Oral Only
Pradisti, Raisha; Sharifnik, Mohammadamin; Obeng Dappah, Jeffrey; Wang, Hai Techno-economic Feasibility of Storage of Hydrogen Produced from Bruce Nuclear Power Plant, Ontario Both Oral AND Poster
Prefontaine, Jesse; Baker, Richard; Lafreniere, Alexander Practical Surveillance for Carbon Capture and Storage using Analytical Methods and Flow Simulation Oral Only
Qu, Luping; Innanen, Kristopher; Pan, Wenyong Near surface investigation of Newell County area based on FWI processing of the surface and VSP DAS data Poster was Oral
Quiaro, Alejandro; Sacchi, Mauricio First arrival travel time modeling using random grids Oral Only
Rabczak, Victoria; McClymont, Alastair; Alexa, Zachary; Hoppe, William; Shih, Evan Near Surface Geophysical Investigation for Geotechnical Geohazard Assessment Using Seismic Refraction and Resistivity Survey Oral Only
Rahman, Mohammad ; Fox, Matthew; Mullen, Chris Oil and Gas Generation, Migration, Production Forecast, and Geochemical Reservoir Characterization of the Northern Denver Basin: Implication from the Total Petroleum Systems Analysis. Poster not Oral
Rattray, Jayne; Elizondo, Gretta; Sloan, Kathryn; Morrison, Natasha; Fowler, Martin; Gittins, Daniel; Webb, Jamie; Campbell, D. Calvin; MacDonald, Adam; Elevated bacterial endospores associated with thermogenic hydrocarbon seeps in deep sea sediments Oral Only
Reed, Alex; Heiberger, Kevin The Impact of Salt Caverns on Stress in the Lotsberg Formation Oral Only
Reine, Carl Quantitative time-lapse interpretation – Reducing uncertainty with multiple attributes Oral Only
Renaud, Alex Integrated Reservoir Study for Successful CO2 Storage Planning: An Alberta Case Study of Depleted Gas Pools, Current and Future Readiness Oral Only
Riazi, Naimeh Distributed Acoustic Sensing Analysis in the FORGE Geothermal Case Study Oral Only
Riazi, Naimeh; Russell, Brian; Lines, Larry Time-Lapse EEI Inversion, a key monitoring tool in unconventional reservoirs Oral Only
Rocheleau, Jonathan Modelling the Devonian Shale Basin of central NWT Poster Only
Rodriguez, Karyna; Hodgson, Neil; Kovacic, George; Rodriguez, Pablo Atlantic Margin Source Rock Characterization – Implications for Future Exploration in Uruguay and Nova Scotia Poster not Oral
Rogers, Steve; Mehrabifard, Ali; Eberhardt, Erik; Byrne, Ciara Structural Connectivity: A Critical Part of the Induced Seismicity Puzzle in The Montney Formation, BC Oral Only
rojas-parra, Jesus Ambient noise monitoring in a region of disposal-induced seismicity, Central Alberta Oral Only
Russell, Brian The dual representation and its application to seismic reservoir analysis Oral Only
Sacchi, Mauricio; Chen, Hongling Parametric dictionary learning for extracting basis functions that resemble local seismic waveforms Oral Only
Salvage, Rebecca; Furlong, Carolyn M.; Eaton, David W. If I could turn back time: Is seismicity generated after a critical state transition during sustained water disposal? Oral Only
Sattarzadeh, Sam; Sattarzadeh, Sam; Azad, Shervin Automated Vein Segmentation and Characterization from Core Imagery using Deep Learning Oral Only
Schrynemeeckers, Rick What we have learned over 20 years of CCUS projects Oral Only
Sedghizadeh, Mohammadamin; Sedghizadeh, Mohammadamin; Shcherbakov, Robert; van den Berghe, Matthew Statistical and clustering analysis of microseismicity from a Saskatchewan potash mine Oral Only
Sellars, Josh; Ball, Philip; Gould, Kathleen; Alfonso, Juan Superhot rock energy and mapping depths to 450°C: Mapping, uncertainties and the potential of deep geothermal in Canada Oral Only
Seneshen, David; Mackenzie, Duncan Geochemical Exploration for Helium Deposits Using Soil Gas and Groundwater Sample Media Oral Only
Shahlol, Abdelhamed ; Elmasli, Abraheem; Owonifaari , Foluso; Alzaruk, Ahmad Geophysical Investigations of a Subsurface Structural Anomaly, Gullebi Field, Ghadames Basin, Libya Oral Only
Sherwin, Mike Flooding and Regression of the Middle Mannville Moosebar/Clearwater Sea – Paleogeography and Depositional Trends Poster only
Slobodian, Erich; Unsworth, Martyn; Hanneson, Cedar; Vestrum, Zoe Application of magnetotelluric data to geothermal exploration at Watson Lake, Yukon Poster Only
Smejkal, Emily; Hickson, Catherine; Columbina, Marc Alberta Regulatory Update and Implications for Geothermal Projects Both Oral AND Poster
Smejkal, Emily; Hickson, Catherine; Collard, Jason Revisiting the geothermal potential of the Dehcho Region in NWT: New data from old wells Both Oral AND Poster
Smith, Christopher; Smith, Michael; Cammack, Jake; Smith, Timothy; Gordon, Patrick Helium and Low-Hydrocarbon Reservoir in San Juan County, Utah: Unconventional Methods to Detect Reservoir Zonations and Gas-Water Contacts Oral Only
Smith, Christopher; Yurkowski, Melinda; Flynn, Jessica; Kohlruss, Dan; Smith, Timothy; Gordon, Patrick; Smith, Michael Understanding the Subsurface Helium System of Saskatchewan with a Focus on Traps/Seals via Volatiles Analysis of Helium and Other Compounds in Legacy Cores Oral Only
Southwick, Jeffrey; Dean, R.; Upamali, Nadeeka; Fazelalavi, Mina; Weerasooriya, Upali; Britton, Chris; Improved Technology for Alkaline-Surfactant Polymer Flooding (ASP); Relevance for Canadian Reservoirs Oral Only
Spray, Graham A Widespread Challenge: Differentiation of Illite Clay from Muscovite Mica for Resource Exploration and Development Oral Only
Su, Ziguang; Trad, Daniel Common image gathers from blended data Both Oral AND Poster
Subash, Devika Commercialization Potential of Industry-Specific Methane Biofilters (MBFs) Oral Only
Sweet, Natalie; Gibbs, Allison; Xie, John Highlights of the NE BC Geological Carbon Capture and Storage Atlas Oral Only
Talinga, Draga How rock physics, saturation-height modelling and inversion attributes can help resolve the permeability structure – an example from a fluvio-marine sandstone reservoir Oral Only
Tawiah, Paul; Bryant, Steven; Larter, Steve Thermoelastic effects during CO2 injection into clastic deep-aquifer CCS storage reservoirs. Oral Only
Temnikova, Elena; Wang, Muming; Mirzayeva, Tahmina; Olawuwo, Samuel A case study of renewable natural gas production at a cattle feedlot in Alberta: environmental, technical and policy analysis Both Oral AND Poster
Terlaky, Viktor; Rajaobelison, Mirah; Thibault, Michael; Thomas, Garen; Comeau, Felix-Antoine; Raymond, Jasmin; Advances in geothermal research in the southern NWT: toward reservoir characterization and geothermal potential estimation. Oral Only
Tinker, Scott Energy Transition: An Interview with Scott Tinker Oral Only
Toews, Zachary; Fraino, Patricia; Gordon, John; Pedersen, Per Capturing of fine-scaled reservoir heterogeneity through Hyperspectral core scanning Oral Only
Torres, Kristian; Sacchi, Mauricio Preconditioning least-squares migration with a deep- learning inverse Hessian approximation Both Oral AND Poster
Trad, Daniel Combining Seismic Processing with Machine Learning Oral Only
Trick, Mona Dinotour 2023 Oral Only
vande, angela Unique In Situ Soil Remediation to Treat Oil and Produced Water Contamination vs Conventional Remediation Poster not Oral
vande, angela Oil Sands Tailings; Accelerated Dewatering and Oil Stripping Poster not Oral
Velayati, Arian; Nassichuk, Brent; Twemlow, Cory Critical Geomechanical Parameters in CCS Projects: Essential Experimental Measurements Oral Only
Virginillo, Nicole; Furlong, Carolyn; Pedersen, Per Analyzing the Relationship between Hydraulic Fracture Pressure vs Time Curves and Geological Properties of the Montney Poster Only
Vivanco, Lucia; Catuneanu, Octavian; Harris, Nicholas; Berberoglu, Eren; Konstantinovskaya, Elena Sequence stratigraphy of the Jurassic and Cretaceous sequences of the Scotia Basin, Atlantic Canada Oral Only
Walters, Dale; Walters, Dale An Improved DFIT Methodology: A Primrose Case Study Oral Only
Wang, Juefu Seismic data interpolation by anti-aliasing 5D greedy Radon transform Oral Only
Wang, Weizhong FWI for the Steam Chamber Imaging in Oil Sands SAGD Operation – Investigating the Application of FWI on Multiple Datasets Both Oral AND Poster
Wang, Yichuan True scattering attenuation for monitoring injected CO2 Poster Only
Watt, Howard Building Blocks – Considerations for high-fidelity broadband land seismic data acquisition Oral Only
Wei, Qinlian; Zheng, Ruonan; Xiao, Ling Quantitative fluorescence technology in tight reservoirs application research Oral Only
Weir, Ronald Hydrogen (H2) and CO2 storage, Lotsberg Formation Oral Only
Wen,Xingyu Study on Seismic Response Characteristics of Maokou Formation in Jiulongshan Area Forward Based on Wave Equation Oral Only
Williams, Christa; Murfitt , David Northeastern British Columbia Lithium Formation-Water Database Project Poster Only
Witten, Ben; Baig, Adam; Mordret, Aurelien; Lavoue, Anais Interferometric monitoring of the Bayou Corne sinkhole Oral Only
Wood, James; Cesar, Jaime; Ardakani, Omid; Sanei, Hamed; Euzen, Tristan; Rudra, Arka; Intraformational migration of oil, gas-condensate and methane-rich gas in the Montney unconventional petroleum fairway Oral Only
Yang, Pei; Welford, J. Kim Structural configuration and tectonics of the Flemish Cap-Orphan Basin, offshore Newfoundland, from interpretation of seismic reflection profiles and plate reconstruction modelling Poster Only
Yin, Shunde; Dusseault, Maurice;Yin, Shunde; Dusseault, Maurice Characterization of In-situ Stresses Using Inverse Analysis based on Coupled Numerical Modeling and Soft Computing Poster was Oral
Yousaf, Husnain; Amjad, Muhammad; Claes, Hannes Assessment of reservoir quality and heterogeneity in Middle Buntsandstein Sandstones of Southern Netherlands for deep geothermal exploration Oral Only
Zaman, Mashrur; Nassichuk, Brent; Twemlow, Cory; Spray, Graham; Harder, Emily; Hu, Peter; Tu, Qiang (Sam) Laboratory Investigation for Critical Minerals, Including REE and Lithium in an Unconventional Source – Oil Sands Tailing Both Oral AND Poster
Zeeman, Brant; Kiefer de Araujo, Luana; Li, Quishan (Lillian); Date, Avadhoot Recovering Critical Minerals Via Recycling Fracking Water Both Oral AND Poster
Zhang, Rongfeng; Gawalko, Bruce; Gray, David Seismic Well-tie via Deep Learning Oral Only
Zhang, Tianze Full waveform uncertainty analysis given by conventional method and machine learning Poster Only
Zhou, Kai; Buatois, Luis; Mángano, Gabriela Bioturbation and gutter casts – Implications for the origin of erosion and by-pass in storm-dominated carbonate systems Poster only
Zonneveld, John-Paul; Harvey, Jordan; Pumple, Joel; Roustaei, Mahya; Gingras, Murray; Froese, Duane Application of industrial CT scanning to characterize physical structures, biogenic structures and fracturing in fine-grained reservoir rocks Oral Only
Zonneveld, John-Paul; Barnett, Aimee;Cowper, Mia; Playter, Tiffany; Moslow, Thomas Depositional Framework of outcrop equivalents of the Montney Formation in the Cadomin-East Jasper area on the southern margin of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Oral Only