GeoConvention Vision and Board


To be the preeminent annual integrated geoscience convention in the world.

Mission Statement

Provide value to the members of our partner societies, sponsors, exhibitors and other delegates by building on past success, striving for future improvement, providing continuity of management and through appropriate governance. This will be accomplished by communicating to member societies, effective marketing and branding, gathering and analyzing relevant statistics and by administering efficiently while providing accountability, initiative and advancement.

GeoConvention Board

The GeoConvention Board of Directors is made up of representation of our three partner societies and provides strategic direction and focus for the Partnership, ensuring diligent representation of the interests of our delegates, supporters and partner societies.

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A 20 year energy industry veteran leading a Geoscience Team for closed loop geothermal development globally at Eavor Technologies Inc.

Gary has a specialty for finding oil and gas. Lots of it. Gary has been finding oil and gas for employers and clients for over 35 years, all over the world. On 4 continents, in 27 countries and in 46 basins. What thrills Gary is to generate quality prospects; prospects that turn into discoveries when drilled and which make then make people money.

Gary is a broad-based, generalist explorer who has worked for and with a wide range of companies, domestic and foreign, and from junior to super-major. Gary has balanced experience in extensional, compressional and salt tectonic terranes, and with clastic, carbonate and exotic reservoirs.

Paige is a business development and geoscience professional focused on product/service improvement, expansion and growth in the energy, mining, and alternative energy industries. Paige has a passion for science communication and enjoys helping geoscientists be understood and making geoscience accessible to the public

Dr. Lindsay Dunn began her geoscience career at Edinburgh University in Scotland obtaining her BSc. She subsequently obtained an MSc from the University of New Brunswick and a PhD from the University of Calgary. Upon graduating she has worked for various exploration and production companies in Calgary specializing in unconventional sedimentology and stratigraphy. For the last seven years she has worked for Athabasca Oil Corporation and is currently the Geoscience Manager for the Light Oil Division responsible for the exploration and development of their Montney and Duvernay assets. Lindsay’s interests include unconventional reservoir characterization and well optimization utilizing sedimentological and stratigraphic principles. She was the recipient of the CSPG link Award in 2015 for best technical presentation at a society luncheon.

Experienced geologist with proven success in exploiting core acreage, drilling high impact wells and implementing a strong technology strategy for the exploration and exploitation of Oil and Gas across the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. Recognized for technical excellence and leadership in core programs, workshops and special analyses designed to evaluate and optimize play potential. Success in drilling over 200 wells in varied play types and programs, with regional-scale and asset base evaluations. A self-motivated results driven team member, respected for cross-functional integration and delivering high quality subsurface evaluations with excellent organizational and communication skills.

Thirty-two years in the energy sector in Calgary, Alberta have taken Laurie Ross from a junior geophysicist to Group Leader, Manager, and now President and Partner at Geo-X, a geophysical service company formed in 2012.

Laurie started at the original Geo-X in 1985 with a Bachelor of Engineering in Geophysics from the University of Saskatchewan. In her early days as a Junior Processor, Laurie worked mainly on 2D seismic for the energy sector, but she soon developed more sophisticated skills such as 3D processing and time lapse processing for the Saskatchewan potash mines. As Laurie’s technical skills evolved, so too did her managerial responsibilities – she worked up to Group Leader and then Processing Manager, but eventually returned to working as a senior processor, where she could focus on what she loves doing best, which is processing seismic data.

A few years after the original Geo-X was acquired Laurie was part of a group of highly regarded professionals who set out to start a new Geo-X. She learned early on that to succeed you need to surround yourself with exceptional people, whether it is running a business or organizing a successful convention. For Laurie, it is collaborative efforts within an outstanding team that makes work successful, fun, and exciting.

Laurie has devoted a considerable amount of her to time to CSEG related activities. She has chaired numerous conventions and symposiums, served on the CSEG Executive, and sat on the CSEG Foundation Board. This enthusiastic support for the CSEG was formally recognized in 2010 when she was presented the Meritorious Service Award.

Like many geophysicists of her age group, Laurie fell into geophysics at university and feels lucky that she did. She feels Confucius said it best: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”