Author Title
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Arnott, Bill R.W.C.
(and countless student researchers)
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Ayasse, Dr. Conrad Low-energy heavy oil production process
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Badawy, Dr. Wael The Art of Engagement
Badawy, Dr. Wael Presentation Skill to engage your audience – A Behaviour Prospective
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– Part 1
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Lawal, Lateef Owolabi Fracking / Brittleness Index: the effects of porosity, compressibility, storativity and elastic constants
Leaney, Scott; Jeroen Jocker Sonic tensor completion
Lee, Ben Local Energy for Local Development
Li, Junxiao; Kris Innanen, Bing Wang A new second order absorbing boundary layer formulation for anisotropic-elastic wavefeld simulation
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Liu, Ruikun Pan-African Footprints in a Shuaiba Carbonate Field Northern Oman and its Implication for Field Development Planning and Well Reservoir Management
Liu, Yexin Machine learning to enhance the vertical resolution of seismic geostatistical inversion
Liu, Yexin; Zhuoheng Chen, Chunqing (Dennis) Jiang Formation tops identification from wireline logs with deep convolutional neural network
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Lv, Siming (Emma); Dr. Kris Innanen Characterizing intrinsic and stratigraphic Q in VSP data with information measures, part II
Lynch, Dr. Steven What Lies Beyond the Rainbow
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Macquet, Marie; Donald C. Lawton, Amin Saeedfar Reservoir simulation and feasibility study for seismic monitoring at CaMI.FRS, Newell County, Alberta
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Margrave, Gary F. Quantifying footprint
Marsh, Arden Hydrocarbon Accumulations in the Mississippian of Southeastern Saskatchewan
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McElgunn, Julia M. Reinventing Your Career
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– Part 3
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Niccoli, Matteo; Thomas Speidel Data science tools for petroleum exploration and production
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