What is GeoConvention?

GeoConvention is an annual convention and exhibit produced by the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG), Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG) and the Canadian Well Logging Society (CWLS). For 2022, the conference will be hosted live in Calgary at the Telus Convention Center and virtually through our online conference platform.  GeoConvention offers delegates and attendees the opportunity to network, knowledge share and learn with fellow industry professionals, visit exhibitors and give back to the earth science community.

When is GeoConvention?

GeoConvention 2022 takes place live and online June 20 – June 22, 2022.

On-Demand Hosting of select Presentations: September July 1 – December 31

GeoConvention Hybrid Event FAQ - Attendees

General Event FAQ

Can you describe what you mean by a hybrid event?
This will not be just a standard conference event. GeoConvention 2022 will feature the technical sessions, presentations and posters hosted live, in-person at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre and simultaneously, online through our conference platform.  The online content will largely be pre-recorded presentations, as prepared by the conference speakers.  You’ll be able to interact with others via one-to-one video chats, online lounges and other virtual gathering spots.  In addition to the in-person exhibition at the conference centre, exhibitors will also showcase virtual booths for you to explore between sessions if joining us virtually. Posters will also be available in-person and online, offering you an opportunity to ask questions of the presenter(s).

What does a conference registration include?
Your full conference registration includes access to the in-person conference as well as the on-demand virtual conference (available through the end of 2022).  Virtual-only registration options will also be available.

Can I still attend if I only want to visit the virtual booths, without registering for technical sessions?
The Exhibit Hall Only registration option is available, but will be for in-person access only, you will not have access to the virtual platform with an exhibit hall only pass.

Can I record or take photos of the presentations?
GeoConvention provides a means to share, publish, and collaborate on the latest developments in geoscience research and applications. By registering for the GeoConvention 2022, you agree to not record, screen capture, or in any way reproduce material presented at the conference. Abstracts will be publicly available. Presentation materials (audio and visual) are intellectual properties of the authors and should not be disseminated, in any way, by registrants. We thank you for respecting the work of the presenters and keeping it confidential.

Will there be volunteering opportunities at GeoConvention?
We anticipate needing a small number of volunteers. A call for volunteers will go out via email, should the need arise. You can also reach out to our Volunteer Chair for information, at volunteer@geoconvention.com.

Virtual Event FAQ

How do I log into a virtual event on the day of the event?
You will receive an email with a link to join the virtual event from your home computer, laptop or smartphone.

Will I have to download extra software?
No special software will be required to access the conference, the event will run on your web browser. You may have to sign up to certain services to access the sessions but these will be free at the point of use. Further instructions will be given upon entry.

What are the minimum system requirements?
To have the best experience, Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari browsers are recommended.  A minimum connection speed of 2 MB/s is best for streaming within the platform.  A webcam is encouraged to allow for face-to-face networking with other attendees.

What are the ways I can interact during the conference?
You can network with your peers in our virtual networking lounge or explore the virtual exhibit hall to talk to exhibitors via chat or webcam.  You can also pop into sessions and ask questions by typing them in the text chat message field,  In live presentations when permitted, you can ask questions by typing them in the Q&A message field or you can turn on your video and ask the presenter your question directly.   There are may ways to engage remotely through GeoConvention 2022.

What are you doing about time zones?
We are running the three day conference at times that will enable participation within sociable hours from as many Canadian locations as possible. The daily sessions are scheduled to ensure that most delegates will be able to join live, at times they are online.

All the sessions will be recorded and certain talks (as approved by the presenters) available on demand for registrants through the end of the year, so you can catch up on what you missed (presenters will not be answering questions in real-time but you can still send them your questions).