2021 (Virtual Format)

Author Title Presentation
Adaghe, Grace Repositioning Your Mindset Oral Only
Adaghe, Grace Gender Equality as a Critical Economic Challenge in Relation to STEM Oral Only
ahmad, shakeel Sedimentologic properties of mud-dominated deep-shelf carbonates of the Upper Indus Basin: The Paleocene-Eocene Patala Formation of the Hazara Sub-basin, Northern Pakistan Poster Only
Akther, Shamima;   Al Otaibi, Sabah ;  AlGhadhouri , Ahmad Dispersion Behavior of Some Bentonites Used for Drilling Fluid: Effects of Polymers and Water Qualities Poster Only
Alexander, Shelley; Eldridge, Evangeline; Alexander, Shelley; Badger, Jim Nipiih potability study integrating western scientific method and traditional knowledge through a mentorship pipeline. Oral Only
Aming, Anthony Using AI/ML to Explore & Develop Quickly and Efficiently Poster Only
Amini, Afshin; Gorjian, Mostafa; Mehrabifard, Ali; Eberhardt, Erik Development of an Induced Seismicity Susceptibility Framework and Map for NEBC using an Integrated Machine Learning and Mechanistic Validation Approach Oral Only
Amundaray, Ninoska; Macquet, Marie; Innanen, Kris; Lawton, Don Time-lapse acoustic FWI of VSP data with applications to monitoring CO2 at the CaMI Field Research Station: a feasibility study Oral Only
Ani, Alexander; Keighley, Dave Methanogenesis and sulfur-cycling in Eocene phosphatic carbonate lacustrine oil shale Poster Only
Anton, Colin; Anton, Colin Building the Framework for Meaningful Indigenous Partnerships While Building Corporate Culture for an Emerging Energy Company. Oral Only
ARBI, AFIF; Abu Ali, Mahdi; Klusman, Ronald Recent Developments in Radiometric Technique for Hydrocarbon Exploration: Case Study Dongara Area, Perth Basin Oral Only
Ardakani, Omid ; Wood, James; Reyes, Julito; Pedersen, Per; Mackie, Samantha; Cesar, Jaime Organic matter composition in the Alberta Montney Formation Oral Only
Ardies, George Hydrogen: The Evolution of a New Energy Economy Oral Only
Aristimuno, Joaquin Interpretation 101: How to tie a well to Seismic Oral Only
Aristimuno, Joaquin; Aristimuno, Joaquin; Chen, Alvin Bayesian Facies Classification using depth trends from Simultaneous and Facies-based Inversions: A Montney case Oral Only
Arnott, Bill; Miklovich, Nicole; Fraino, Patricia; Tilston, Mike; Navarro, Lilian; Dumouchel, Gerry Deep-sea slope channels – if commonly sinuous, why only uncommonly laterally accreting? Oral Only
August, Pam Moving Through Uncertainty – Meeting Complex Times with Simple Actions Oral Only
Aviles, Mailyng Deciphering the Upper Cretaceous Second White Specks self-sourced reservoir rock. Insight from organic geochemistry and basin modelling Oral Only
Azad, Shervin; Vemparala, Anand Using Deep Learning Techniques to De-glare Historical Core Photos Oral Only
Bachleda, Jana; Ge, Shuangyu ; Liu, Faye; Jin, Muqing; Norton, George Reservoir Evaluation and DRV Analysis in Unconventional Reservoirs across Multiple Basins of North America Oral Only
Baig, Adam; Witten, Benjamin; Booterbaugh, Aaron Reconstructing Hydraulic-Fracture Induced Strain from Microseismicity Oral Only
Baker, Richard; Krober, scott; Zintel, Bryan; Prefontaine, Jesse Cyclic Gas Injection and Continuous Gas Injection into a Low Permeability Depleted Reservoir Both Oral AND Poster
Banks, Graham Exploring for minerals and metals under cover: the right geophysics at the right scale in the right order Oral Only
Bayati, Farzaneh; Trad, Daniel 3D Seismic data reconstruction using adaptive weighted rank-reduction method Oral Only
Beal, Jessica How well do you know your Well Survey? A Geologist’s Perspective on the Impact of Unanalyzed Surveys Oral Only
Betancourt, Dayanara; Rafiee, Javad; Sarma, Pallav; Plotno, Sebastian; Gutierrez, Fernando; Calad, Carlos Combining machine learning and physics for robust optimization of completion design and well location of unconventional wells Oral Only
Bizhani, Majid; Little, Edward ; Haeri  Ardakani, Omid Applications of end-to-end deep learning models in processing digital rock data Both Oral AND Poster
Bjarnason, Alicia; Bjarnason, Alicia Equitable Scholarship – Lessons learned from AWSN’s new Scholarship Program for Alberta STEM students Oral Only
Blood, David Diagenetic Carbonate Concretions in Devonian organic-rich mudrocks of the Appalachian Basin: How to predict their occurrence while drilling horizontal oil and gas wells Oral Only
Botterill, Scott; Gingras, Murray; Schultz, Sarah; Knudson, Calla Preliminary Stratigraphic Framework for the Lower Mannville Dina-Cummings Interval, East Central Plains, Alberta Both Oral AND Poster
Boutin, Louis-Charles The Use of Iterative Ensemble Smoother in Data Assimilation and Predictive Uncertainty Oral Only
Boutin, Louis-Charles How Can Data Science Be Used in Groundwater Flow and Transport Modelling? Oral Only
Brawley, Karena Changing Your Mind to Thrive – A Neuroscience Approach Oral Only
Brookson, Travis; Hernandez Borbon, Jose Rogelio; Esquivias, Deborah Blanca; Marion, Kienan; Zhao, Pengfei Leadership Opportunity for Canada: Western Canadian LNG as a Key to Climate Change Mitigation and Economic Reconciliation Both Oral AND Poster
Brost, Douglas Tactics for Explosive Deployment Deep Basin Seismic Exploration Oral Only
Broughton, Paul Interior architecture of anthropogenic stalactite-form deposits Oral Only
Broughton, Paul Drainage-line silcrete in the Athabasca Oil Sands deposit: Evidence for Early Cretaceous hypogene anhydrite-halite dissolution and brine seeps to the surface Oral Only
Brown, Lonn; Yaghoubi, Ali; Murphy, Andreas; Markvoort, Kimberly; Choi, Gideon Novel Modelling Approach to Geothermal Greenhouse Agriculture for Indigenous Food Sovereignty in the Yukon Both Oral AND Poster
Brun, Victoria Light time-lapse seismic monitoring for SAGD: a new approach & operational model Oral Only
Brusova, Olga; Kainkaryam, Sribharath; Poche, Sean ; ArvindSharma, ArvindSharma; Valenciano, Alejandro; Brusova, Olga Seismic Swell Noise Processing with Machine Learning Methods Oral Only
Bui, Hanh; Bui, Hanh; van der Baan, Mirko  ; Bui, Hanh; van der Baan, Mirko Moment-tensor inversion of hydraulic-fracturing induced events in a Montney reservoir, northeastern BC Oral Only
Bui, Hanh; van der Baan, Mirko; Sacchi, Mauricio Time-frequency sparse Gabor transform for detecting microseismic events Oral Only
Caplan, Mark; Bustin, Marc Deconstructing Organic-Rich Mudrocks: Palaeoceanographic Considerations from the Exshaw Formation, Alberta, Canada Oral Only
Caplan, Mark; Mills, Jared; Maurer, Zach; Rostron, Ben; Hillier, Chelsey Exploitation Framework of Lithium-Rich Brine Resources in Saskatchewan: A Tale of Two Industries Oral Only
Cesar , Jaime; H. Ardakani, Omid Poly-genetic stratigraphically controlled hydrocarbon accumulation within the Montney Formation, British Columbia: molecular, stable carbon isotope and petrographic evidence Oral Only
Cesar, Jaime ; Haeri Ardakani, Omid ; Deblonde, Christine; Jiang, Chunging The significance of light hydrocarbon geochemistry for the assessment of low-permeability reservoirs of the Montney Formation, WCSB Oral Only
Chai, Maojie; Wu, Wei; Yang, Min; Yang, Sheng; Chen, Zhangxin Effect of Water-soluble Solvent Injection on Bitumen/Water Relative Permeability Poster Only
Chalaturnyk, Rick; Rangriz Shokri, Alireza Advancing Canadian Experience and Best Practices in Containment, Conformance, and Injectivity of Deep Subsurface CO2 Storage, CO2 EOR, and CO2 Geothermal Oral Only
Champollion, Yannick Comparing Temperature Data from Oil and Gas and Geothermal Logs – An AB No.1 Case Study Poster Only
Chao, Jessie; Cahill, Aaron ; Beckie, Roger; Lauer, Rachel; Crowe, Sean; Simister, Rachel; Finke, Niko A Field Investigation on Transport and Fate of Fugitive Gas in Glacial-derived Deposits Both Oral AND Poster
Chen, sandy; Berezowski, Taylor Time-Lapse Seismic Monitoring in CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery and Storage at Weyburn, SE Saskatchewan Oral Only
Chevrot, Victoria; Vaisblat, Noga; Hernandez Medina, Stephany; Harris, Nicholas Modeling fluid migration and distribution in unconventional reservoirs; an example from the Montney Formation, British Columbia, Canada Poster Only
Chiţu, Alin; Zijp, Mart; Zwaan, Jonathan; Janné, Nielson Enabling Hydrocarbon Exploration through Microbiome Analysis Oral Only
Cooper, Mark Introducing the CSPG Fieldwork Based Research Awards for Undergraduate Students Oral Only
Cova, Raul; Perez, Marco; Pardasie, Wendell; Mills, Andrew; Iverson, Andrew; Jakobsen, Ask; Goodway, Bill; Mutual, Evan Anisotropic direct probabilistic inversion of AVO seismic data Oral Only
Cronkwright, David; Watson, Neil; Fox, Amy; Garcia, Leydy Transitioning to Open-Source Geological Data and Analysis Oral Only
Cronkwright, David; Watson, Neil; Garcia, Leydy; Fox, Amy Pressure Mapping of the Kiskatinaw Seismic Monitoring and Mitigation Area, Northeastern British Columbia Oral Only
Crook, Andrea; Bossaer, Shane; Crook, Cameron; Ross, Stephanie How to acquire seismic data with steep dips Oral Only
Crook, Andrea; Crook, Cameron; Bossaer, Shane; Ross, Stephanie How to ensure you acquire the frequencies you need in your seismic program Oral Only
Crook, Andrea; Medina, Omar; Crook, Cameron; Ross, Stephanie; Stephenson, Paul; Prince, Mario; Monroy, Camilo; Bossaer, Shane Case Study: Designing a Seismic Survey in an Area with Steep Dips Oral Only
Crook, Andrea; Ross, Stephanie; Crook, Cameron; Bossaer, Shane Case Study: Testing a Miniaturized Source for Reduced Environmental Impact Oral Only
Cui, Albert; Euzen, Tristan; Watson, Neil; Wilson, Jordan Variable Production in the Montney and the Potential for Improved Liquid Recovery: Insights from Produced and in situ Hydrocarbon Fluids Oral Only
Culver, Bradley Introducing the Greater Kaybob Duvernay Basin: A paleogeographic to well correlation mapping project. Oral Only
Cunningham, Celeste; Arnott, Bill; Osadetz, Kirk Occurrence and Diagenesis of Organic-rich Strata in Deep Marine Levees Oral Only
de Groot, Michael; Hobbs, Travis; Du, Hai “omne trium perfectum” – The Rule of Three: Using Microseismic, Geochemistry & Interference Testing to Optimize Spacing and Stacking. Oral Only
Delle Piane, Claudio; Torpy, Aaron ; MacRae, Colin; Dewhurst, David; Wilson, Nick Assessing the origin of diagenetic quartz in organic-rich mudstone via in-situ geochemical and hyperspectral characterization Oral Only
Dick, Dragan; Haecker, Adam; Kenney, Taylor; Green, Derrick; Boyce, Matt; Veselinovic, Dragan T1-T2 NMR on Shale Cuttings Oral Only
Donaldson, W. Steven Petro-Lithium Resources of Western Canada: The State of the Basin Oral Only
Dong, Tian Quartz types, origins in the Lower Cambrian Niutitang Formation, Middle Yangtze platform, China: insights into the role of quartz cementation on porosity development in shales Oral Only
Dongas, Jessica; Crane, Gela Unraveling the Nukhul Reservoir in the Arta Field, Egypt
Oral Only
Dragoie, Calin Survey Uncertainty and Implications for Development with Horizontal Wells Oral Only
Drivet, Eva; Hills, David; Hills, David Carbonates: A Basic Guide and Some Considerations for Opportunity Generation in the Energy Transition Oral Only
Duchek, Sheila A Jurisdiction Review of Groundwater (Drinking Water) Pathway Assessments Both Oral AND Poster
Duhault, John Conventional Interpretation in an Unconventional Environment Oral Only
Dumitrescu, Carmen Brittleness value in the Duvernay Formation Oral Only
Eaid, Matthew Machine learning for moment tensor estimation of DAS data Oral Only
Egorov, Anton Near-surface velocity uncertainty estimation through Bayesian tomography approach Oral Only
El Daly, Mohamed; Boyle, Alissa; Schwake, Sonja Show Me the Money! How Pay Equity Continues to be a Barrier to Inclusion in the Engineering and Geoscience Professions. Oral Only
Ellison, Dennis Seismic analysis of well data-minimizing uncertainties from seismic interpretation to reservoir characterization Oral Only
Enaworu, Efeoghene Subsurface Reservoir Characterization Using Core Images and Petrophysical Properties: Case Study of an Onshore Field, in the Niger Delta Basin. Oral Only
Enkin, Randy Rock physical properties related to mineral systems Oral Only
Eyre, Thomas; Eaton, David Probabilistic maximum magnitude estimation of induced earthquakes from stochastic modelling Oral Only
Falkovskiy, Alex Convolutional Neural Networks for Density Log Prediction Oral Only
Fathalian, Ali; Guarido, Marcelo; Trad, Daniel; Innanen, Kris Deep learning for 3D fault detection within virtual reality visualization seismic volumes Oral Only
Fedenczuk, Leon; Fedenczuk, Tom; Hoffmann, Kristina Virtual Petrophysical Laboratory – Part 2: Testing and Simulation Both Oral AND Poster
Feng, Hong; Kay, Tony; Knudsen, Anita; Wang, Weizhong; Ayre, Amber Feasibility Study of 3D Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) for Imaging the Steam Chamber: An Experiment of 3D DAS FWI in Sunrise Oil Sands Oral Only
Ferens, Trevin Integrating borehole data with mine-face photography to improve geologic models, Imperial Oil’s Kearl Mine Oral Only
Fester, Nathan How to Build a Mentorship Program Oral Only
Finn, C. Mike; Watson, Ian Mentorship: A Deliberate Program or an Ad Hoc Adventure? Part 2 Oral Only
Fowler, Garrett; Hewson, Chris; fowler, garrett; McClure, Mark Validating geologic representations with dynamic modeling Oral Only
Fox, Amy; Garcia, Leydy; Cronkwright, David; Watson, Neil An Investigation of Fault Slip Potential in the Kiskatinaw Seismic Monitoring and Mitigation Area (KSMMA), Northeast British Columbia Oral Only
Fraino, Patricia; Arnott, R.W.C (Bill) How are Changes in Sediment Supply Manifest in an Ancient Deep-Marine Slope Channel System? Oral Only
Fraser, John; Wach, Grant Passive margin sedimentation- Low density turbidites of the Meguma Supergroup Oral Only
Fu, Xin; Innanen, Kristopher A new parallel simulated annealing algorithm for 1.5D acoustic full-waveform inversion Poster Only
Furlong, Carolyn; Salvage, Rebecca; Fraino, Patricia; Mackie, Samantha; Pedersen, Per; Eaton, David The Relationship between Sedimentological Heterogeneities, Structural Fabric, and Induced Seismicity in the Montney Formation from the KSMMA (Kiskatinaw Seismic Monitoring and Mitigation Area), Northeaster British Columbia, Canada Oral Only
Fustic, Milovan; Li, Carmen; Bell, Emma; Richardson, William ; Strobl, Rudy ; Hubert, Casey Microbially Enhanced Thermally Engineered Oil Recovery (METEOR) – proof of concept from post-steam cores, outcrops, and laboratory experiments Oral Only
Gagnon, Jean-Philippe Thermal Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging of Methane Landfill Emissions Oral Only
Galloway, Elwyn; Hauck, Tyler Insights into Induced Seismicity in the Duvernay East Shale Basin from 3D Seismic Oral Only
Galvis-Portilla, Henry; Pedersen, Per High-resolution Cyclostratigraphy of a Late Devonian reef-to-basin Margin: Insights from equivalent outcrops to the Duvernay Formation in Alberta-Canada Oral Only
GARNER, DAVID Impact of Plurigaussian Parameter Options on Model Facies Transition Statistics Oral Only
Garner, David Modeling three ways from electro-facies workflow elements: categorical, e-facies probabilities, and petrophysics with assignment Oral Only
Gaucher, Michelle; Stefik, Ron Acid Gas Sequestration Oral Only
Ghanizadeh, Amin; Cesar, Jaime Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery in Low-Permeability Reservoirs using Surfactants: An Integrated Rock and Fluid Study Both Oral AND Poster
Gonzalez Arismendi, Gabriela; Muehlenbachs, Karlis Detailed Analysis of the δ13C Gas Isotope Composition from the Unconventional Duvernay Fm. Oral Only
González, Dubraska; Marrero, Santiago Study of the chemical properties in mixtures of red mud with acidic savanna soil, and their effect on the growth of the species Chrysopogon zizaniodes (Vetiver) Poster Only
Gordon, Adriana; Balling, Niels; Dalgaard, Esben; Bredesen, Kenneth; Mathiesen, Anders De-risking geothermal plays in Zealand, Denmark with seismic AVO inversion Oral Only
Graham, Gordon; Hepler, George A Model for the Exploration and Development of Fractured Basement Oil Pools Oral Only
Grancourt, Christian; Grancourt, Christian Quantum Leadership – New leadership for increasing creativity and innovation while coping with change, disruption, complexity and chaos Oral Only
Grant, Thomas; Haland, Hilde Machine learning assisted lithofacies workflows: using model performance metrics and Shapley values to guide geoscientists during model training. Oral Only
Gravestock, Christoper; Van Buchem, Frans; Simmons, Mike; Davies, Roger Using Sequence Stratigraphy to Resolve Depositional Misconceptions on the Arabian Plate – The Example of the Gotnia Basin Creation and Infill Oral Only
Gray, David Thinking about Processing in an Unconventional 3D World Oral Only
Gray, Logan; Gray, Logan Water Disposal Well Regulation and Capacity Forecasting in British Columbia Oral Only
Gray, Richard; Chatenay, Allan Mission Possible: High Density Seismic Acquisition with Near-Zero Footprint Oral Only
Grebe, Sebastian Enabling data science against legacy software application data. Oral Only
Greig, Amanda; Heath, Danica; Monaghan, Nadia Managing Saltwater Disposal Induced Seismicity in the Cadomin Formation: NE British Columbia Oral Only
Grillo, John From Birth to Death Throughout Adulthood and Careers – How to Stand in Your Power When Change Occurs in Your Life Oral Only
Grimeau, Kevin; Mustafa, Farhana ; Huang, Ben ; Afsahi, Behnaz; Ghavidel, Ali The Impact of CCUS Infrastructure on the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) at Cascade Both Oral AND Poster
Guarido, Marcelo; Emery, David Lessons Learned, Pitfalls and Feature Engineering for FORCE 2020: Log Facies Classification using Machine Learning. Oral Only
Gulati, Akshay; Phillips, craig; Gulati, Akshay Predictive Analytics for Full Pore System Characterization of an Arab D Carbonate Reservoir. Oral Only
Gunning, Bobby Predicting microseismic event density during hydraulic fracturing from surface seismic with gradient boosted trees Oral Only
Gutierrez, Fernando; Rafiee, Javad; Sarma, Pallav; Calad, Carlos; Plotno, Sebastian; Gendur, Jason Design and Implementation of a Comprehensive Carbon Intensity Estimation and Forecasting Platform Oral Only
Habtegergesa, Makda At What Cost? The Collectivity of Diversity, Responsibility, and Gain. A deep discussion of diversity in STEM. Oral Only
Haider, Daniel; Gara, Dallas; Hansen, Wade Understanding subsurface controls on operations in Kakwa Oral Only
Haley, Don Simulating the Evolution of End Pit Lake Development During Mine Reclamation Oral Only
Hall, Kevin ; Lawton, Don; Innanen, Kris Field testing of multicomponent DAS sensing Oral Only
Hall, Kevin; Wong, Joe Seismic physical modeling of COZD and COVA surveys: AVAZ effects observed on reflections from HTI targets Oral Only
Hamdi, Hamidreza Can Well Test Data Be Used to Reduce The Uncertainty in Geostatistical Realizations? Oral Only
Hamza, Farrukh; Chapman, Sara ; Meyer, John; Rogers, Jason; Hashmi, Gibran; Naveena-Chandran, Rohin A Novel Method for In-Situ, Representative Measurement of Asphaltene Precipitation Oral Only
Hanneson, Cedar; Unsworth, Martyn Geothermal Exploration at Mount Meager, Southwestern BC: A Regional Resistivity Model from 3-D Inversion of Broadband Magnetotelluric Data Oral Only
Happy, Robin Overcoming SAGD reservoir challenges in the Upper McMurray formation Oral Only
Hargreaves, Anne; Wach, Grant Seismic and Lithological Characterization and Source Rock Potential of the Aptian Naskapi Shale Member, Logan Canyon Formation, Offshore Nova Scotia Poster Only
Hargreaves, Brian; Stanton, Aaron AVO Compliant Processing – Common Pitfalls Oral Only
Harms, Phil; Kalmanovitch, Dan An Innovative Approach to Geothermal Prospecting through Interactive Analytics: Western Canada Applications Oral Only
Hau, Kevin; Saar, Martin; Rangriz-Shokri, Alireza; Nickel, Erik; Chalaturnyk, Rick Modeling CO2 Circulation Test, as a Key Element of CO2 Plume Geothermal, at An Active CO2 Storage Site Oral Only
Hauck, Tyler ; Arts, Astrid Salty Stratigraphy: Salt Caverns in the Elk Point Group of Alberta Oral Only
Hayes, Brad Helium 101 – A Lightweight Application of Subsurface Skills Oral Only
Hayes, Brad; Clarke, Jason; Rostron, Ben; McLellan, Pat; Cooper, Mark; Anderson, Howard Wastewater Disposal in the Montney Play Fairway of NE British Columbia – Assessment and Recommendations Oral Only
Henley, David A tale of two realities: comparing physical and numerical modeling responses for a common physical model Oral Only
Hickson, Catherine; Champollion, Yannick; Hawker, Richard; Colombina, Marc; Huang, Katie Geothermal in Alberta – The Holistic View. An Eco-Industrial Cluster Centered on Alberta No. 1 Both Oral AND Poster
Hills, David CCUS Case Study: Clive, Alberta Oral Only
Hills, David; Watson, Neil; Lynch, Greg; McKenzie, Ben; Moharam, Yarina Atlas 2027: Compiling the World’s Most Comprehensive Geological Atlas  Poster Only
Hirschmiller, John Temperatures are Rising – An Introduction to Geothermal Oral Only
Hoehn, Marcus; Jivraj, Shaista ; Thompson, Scott; Thorne, Tyson Optimized Well Production Using Flow Control Devices: A Case Study in Successful Subsurface Team Integration Oral Only
Hopkins, Jonathan; Duan, Yuting; Kiyashchenko, Denis; Mateeva, Albena; Harvey, Stephen; Akram, Muhammad Maturing DAS VSP as an onshore CCUS monitoring technology at the Quest CCS Facility Oral Only
Horton, Jeffrey; Podetz, Chris; Gibbs, Allison BC Central Montney Fluid Dynamics and Liquids Production Oral Only
Hu, Qi; Innanen, Kristopher Rock-physics properties from seismic attributes with global optimization methods Oral Only
Huang, Katherine Preliminary Results of a Temperature Log Using a Deep Disposal Well in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Oral Only
Huang, Shang; Trad, Daniel Full-wavefield applications in migration Oral Only
Huff, G.F. Li-enriched oilfield waters in the Woodbend Reef Complexes of the Alberta Basin: A tale of two brines. Oral Only
Hurter, Suzanne; Loeve, Daniel; Neele, Filip; Peters, Elisabeth Injection of cold CO2 in depleted gas fields Oral Only
Hyslop, Sarah; Fraser, Bryana; Fraser, Bryana; Henderson, Charles Paleontology and tectono-stratigraphic setting of the Lower Permian Johnston Canyon Formation, Banff National Park: Was it a sponge-rich estuary? Oral Only
Innanen, Kristopher The smooth and not-so-smooth fitting of machine learning algorithms into a modern seismic inversion project  Oral Only
Iqbal, Naveed; Hersi, Osman Salad Ferruginous sandstone in Late Ordovician Winnipeg Formation, SE Saskatchewan: sedimentary properties and their genetic implications Both Oral AND Poster
Jamil, Shayan Integration of data science methods and tech: A case study in Montney shale gas resource, Canada Poster Only
Jia, Bao; Xian, Chenggang Core-scale pulse-decay experiment based on Embedded Discrete Fracture Model (EDFM) Both Oral AND Poster
Jiang, Dennis; Kolbeck, Christen; Utting, Nicholas; Wang, Xiaomeng; Hobbs, Travis Critical metals in hydraulic fracturing flowback and produced water from the Montney and Duvernay formations, WCSB Poster Only
Johnson, David Helium – An Evolving Industry of Contingent Opportuntities Oral Only
Johnson, James; Mondol, Nazmul; Renard, Francois Salt remobilization timing and its impact on two Norwegian Continental Shelf organic-rich shale formations Oral Only
Jones, Alan Mining for Net Zero: The impossible task Oral Only
Kazemi, Nasser; Auriol, Jean ; Shor, Roman; Gates, Ian Adapting natural image-learned denoiser for noise suppression in seismic and drilling datasets Oral Only
Keating, Scott; Innanen, Kristopher Tunneling: an approach for including rock-physics constraints in full-waveform inversion Oral Only
Kehew, Jessie; Arnott, Robert Litho- and chemostratigraphic analysis of meter-scale cycles in an ancient mixed siliciclastic-carbonate slope system, Windermere Supergroup, Southern Canadian Cordillera, B.C., Canada Oral Only
Kelly, Trevor; Wach, Grant Evidence for late Carboniferous episodic marine incursions in eastern Laurasia Poster Only
Kennedy, Celia; Kitto, Jauvonne; Kitto, Jauvonne; Boucher, Jim Working Together: Indigenous Knowledge & Science Oral Only
Khan, Muhammad Carbonate deposition during terminal closing stage of the eastern Neo-Tethys Ocean: The Chorgali Formation of the Potwar and Hazara Sub-basins, Northern Pakistan Poster Only
Kim, Namhwa; Lee, Kyungbook; Shin, Hyundon Feature extraction of petrophysical log data for machine learning-based SAGD performance prediction Poster Only
Kingsmith, Kim Water Disposal 2021: Four Reservoir Pillars that Define the Best Geological Formations for Disposal in Western Canada; How Much? How Fast? Oral Only
Kingston, Andrew; Ardakani, Omid; Grasby, Steve; Mayer, Bernhard Using elemental and isotopic geochemistry to identify the geochemical signatures of diagenetic events in the Montney Formation and their relationship with H2S formation and distribution Oral Only
Kitawaki, Yuta; Ichikawa, Masaru; White, Don; Shimoda, Naoyuki; Nickel, Erik; Nakayama, Yoshitaka; Kato, Ayato Time-lapse DAS-VSP data acquisition from a permanent seismic source at Aquistore CO2 storage site in 2020 Poster Only
Klusman, Ronald Surface Monitoring and Seepage Verification of Geologic Carbon Dioxide Sequestration and Carbon Dioxide EOR Oral Only
Knapp, Levi; Maehara, Yuki; Horaguchi, Keishi; Kuriyama, Yutaro Well log NMR T2 factor analysis integrated with core analysis for reservoir quality and saturation estimation in a low-resistivity reservoir, offshore Vietnam Oral Only
Ko, Lucy Tingwei; Mertens, Gilles ; Adriaens, Rieko; Rowe, Harry; Loucks, Robert Mudrock Diagenesis with Depth and Thermal Maturity and How it Impacts Petrophysical and Mechanical Properties in the Upper Cretaceous Eagle Ford Group Oral Only
Kolkman-Quinn, Brendan; Lawton, Don Time-lapse VSP monitoring of shallow CO2 sequestration at the CaMI Field Research Station Oral Only
Koning, Tako The Global Energy Transition: Challenges and Opportunities Oral Only
Koning, Tako Exploring in the USA and Canada for Oil and Gas in Naturally Fractured and Weathered Basement Reservoirs Oral Only
Koning, Tako Exploring in South America for Oil and Gas in Naturally Fractured and Weathered Basement Reservoirs Oral Only
Konstantinovskaya, Elena ; Malo, Michel; Li, Qiuguo; Rutqvist, Jonny 2D and 3D geomechanical modeling of CO2 storage in deep saline aquifers of the Early Paleozoic sedimentary basin of the St. Lawrence Lowlands, Quebec: risk of high-angle fault reactivation and caprock tensile failure Oral Only
Konstantinovskaya, Elena ; Schipman, Todd; Schultz, Ryan; Ibelegbu, Charles; Zhmodik, Alexey; Li, Qiuguo Hydraulic fracturing of the Upper Devonian Duvernay Formation and induced strike-slip fault reactivation in the Fox Creek area: insight from 3D geomechanical and reservoir modeling Oral Only
Kornbluth, Phil Helium Market Overview & Opportunity For Canada Oral Only
Kostyukevych, Alexander; Kostyukevych, Alexander Using modeling for non-Oil and Gas seismic processing ratings Oral Only
Laake, Andreas Seismic interpretation for unconventional resources in the Permian Basin, West Texas, USA Oral Only
Laing, Carson Hydraulic Fracture Characterization using Distributed Acoustic Sensing Oral Only
Langenberg, Willem Is permanent Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) an effective solution to the Climate Change Crisis? Oral Only
Langenberg, Willem; Hamilton, Michael The Age of the Edmonton Group in the City of Edmonton Oral Only
Law, Mike; Perrin, Robert; Dawson, Jane Resistivity Imaging: An Introduction and Integration with Seismic Data for Enhanced Interpretations Oral Only
Leaney, Scott Tensile radiation from slip on rough fractures Oral Only
LeBlanc, Todd; Butler, Sam Integration of Electromagnetics in Potash Mining Geohazard Analysis Oral Only
Lee, Bob; Aguilera, Roberto; Moslow, Tom; Pedersen, Per The Fundamental Role of Electrostatic Forces Within Pore Systems and Their Effects on Resource Evaluation and Reservoir Performance. Part 2a: Capillary Forces Theory: a model for understanding the electrostatic forces and their effects within pore systems. Water saturated reservoir. Poster Only
Lee, Bob; Aguilera, Roberto; Moslow, Tom; Pedersen, Per The Fundamental Role of Electrostatic Forces Within Pore Systems and Their Effects on Resource Evaluation and Reservoir Performance. Part 2c: Capillary Forces Theory: a model for understanding the electrostatic forces and their effects within pore systems. Response to change. Poster Only
Lee, Bob; Pedersen, Per; Moslow, Tom; Aguilera, Roberto The Fundamental Role of Electrostatic Forces Within Pore Systems and Their Effects on Resource Evaluation and Reservoir Performance. Part 1: Global resource distribution: a case for adding the classification of semi-conventional resources to the resource pyramid. Poster Only
Lee, Bob; Pedersen, Per; Moslow, Tom; Aguilera, Roberto The Fundamental Role of Electrostatic Forces Within Pore Systems and Their Effects on Resource Evaluation and Reservoir Performance. Part 2b: Capillary Forces Theory: a model for understanding the electrostatic forces and their effects within pore systems. Emplacement. Poster Only
Lee, Bob; Pedersen, Per; Moslow, Tom; Aguilera, Roberto The Fundamental Role of Electrostatic Forces Within Pore Systems and Their Effects on Resource Evaluation and Reservoir Performance. Part 3: CFT-based resource evaluation: a framework for understanding the effects of electrostatic forces on fluid saturation distributions and reservoir performance. Poster Only
Li, Da; Lamoureux, Michael; Liao, Wenyuan Incorporating multiple a priori information for full waveform inversion Oral Only
Li, Hui; Harris, Nicholas; Zeyen, Nina Clay composition and origins of the Devonian Duvernay shale, Western Canadian Basin, Canada Oral Only
Li, Tianyang; Shipman, Todd; Canales, Mauricio Reyes; Yusifbayov, Javad; Wang, Ruijia; Wang, Jingchuan; Gu, Jeffrey Recent earthquakes induced by wastewater disposal near Musreau Lake, Alberta Oral Only
Link, Brian; Link, Brian; Iantsevitch, Ivan; Iantsevitch, Jonathan; Bidikhova, Svetlana; Martin, Gary Fractures – enemies or friends? How to answer this and navigate with DWM to increase production and mitigate hazards Oral Only
Liu, He; Innanen, Kristopher; Trad, Daniel Acoustic FWI using amplitude encoding strategy Both Oral AND Poster
Liu, He; Innanen, Kristopher; Trad, Daniel A qP wave propagator using staggered grid in 2D VTI media Both Oral AND Poster
Liu, Yexin Petrophysical log recovering and core-log calibration using Machine Learning Oral Only
Lowe, David; Conliffe, James; DeSantis, Edward; Arnott, R.W.C. Brine silcrete: An expansion of the definition of silcrete and a unique early diagenetic feature of basin-basement interaction Oral Only
Lyster, Steve; Reimert, Courtney; Lopez, Gloria; Playter, Tiffany; Hauck, Tyler; Schultz, Sarah; Palombi, Dan Lithium Data and Observations in Alberta Oral Only
Mackie, Samantha; Pedersen, Per; Ardakani, Omid; Furlong, Carolyn Vertical and lateral facies heterogeneities within the Montney Formation of NE BC: Implications for fluid mapping Oral Only
Macquet, Marie; Schmidt-Hattenberger, Cornelia; Rippe, Dennis; Lawton, Don Semi-continuous Electrical Resistivity Tomography monitoring for CO2 injection at the CaMI Field Research Station, Newell County, Alberta, Canada Oral Only
Mamer, Paige Geothermal, Hydraulic Fracturing & Earthquakes: How contrasting industries have shaped our approach to induced seismicity Oral Only
Marcia, Kirsten; Scott, James Horizontal Drilling for Geothermal Power Generation in the Williston Basin (Canada) Oral Only
Mardani, Ryan Bayesian Hyper-Parameter Optimization: Neural Networks, TensorFlow, Facies Prediction Example Oral Only
Marion, Kienan; Eaton, David; Salvage, Rebecca For Those About To Rock – Revisiting the Rocky Mountain House Seismogenic Zone Oral Only
Martyns-Yellowe, Kenneth; Richards, Frank; Watson, Neil ; Wach, Grant Crestal faulting: Trap integrity loss and gas migration in the Migrant Structure, Sable Subbasin, Offshore Nova Scotia. Oral Only
Martyns-Yellowe, Kenneth; Wach, Grant; Kabiito, Jonathan; Brown, David; Silva, Ricardo; O’Connor, Darragh Aeolian Sandstones of the Upper Triassic Fundy Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada. Poster Only
Maxwell, Shawn What Do We Need To Know To Manage Induced Seismicity? Oral Only
Mazza, Joel Geomechanically Informed Machine Learning Models Predict Trouble Stages and Casing Deformation Oral Only
McBryan, Geoffrey Beyond Mineralogy_Utilizing Geochemical Spectroscopy for Improved Petrophysical Evaluation in McMurray Oilsands Oral Only
McKay, Jackie; Matheson, Sherry How Your Brain Sabotages You and How To Build Mental Fitness For The Most Challenging of Times Both Oral AND Poster
Mehrabifard, Ali Development of Automatic Multistage Triaxial Test to Characterize Failure Criteria in Siltstone Rock – Applied to the Montney Formation, BC, Canada Oral Only
Mehrabifard, Ali; Mehrabifard, Ali; Amini, Afshin; Gorjian, Mostafa; Rogers, Steve; Eberhardt, Erik; Damjanac, Branko The mechanistical study of the effects of rock stiffness and wellbore orientation with respect to SHmax on induced seismicity: a numerical study Oral Only
Middleton, Collen Where’s the Waterline? The Case of the Disappearing Lake Oral Only
Milanese, Jorge; McDonough, Sheldon Latin America Energy Outlook Report Oral Only
Mills, Andrew; Iverson, Andrew; Mutual, Evan; Perez, Marco; Cova, Raul; Goodway, Bill; Pardasie, Wendell Quantifying the Value of Preconditioning in a Montney Inversion Workflow Oral Only
Monsegny, Jorge; Lawton, Don; Trad, Daniel A comparative study of data from different DAS interrogators Oral Only
Monsegny, Jorge; Lawton, Don; Trad, Daniel; Hall, Kevin Least Squares DAS to geophone transform Oral Only
Monsegny, Jorge; Trad, Daniel; Lawton, Don Reverse time migration approaches for DAS VSP data Oral Only
Moonan, Xavier Discovery on an Onshore Gas Basin, SE Trinidad Oral Only
Morais, Tiago; Ryan, M. Cathryn Degassing in the standing water column of a monitoring well completed in gas-charged groundwater Poster Only
Morris, Lauren; Wach, Grant; Morris, Lauren Petroleum System Elements of Trinidad – Field School Techniques Comprising Sedimentology and Ichnology Oral Only
Morrison, Natasha; Nunn, Keith; Luheshi, Matt; Gofer, Edan; Dasgupta, Sagnik; Raj, Abhishek ; Evans, Cody; Dutcher, Elena Processing to inversion: a case study of revitalizing legacy seismic data offshore Nova Scotia Oral Only
Morrow, Claire; Durkin, Paul The sedimentological impact of three extreme floods on the Assiniboine River, southwestern Manitoba Oral Only
Mort, Andy Organic geochemistry of highly mature fluids in the Montney resource play Oral Only
Morton Rupert, Sarah Characterizing a physical model of a collapsing void using time-lapse surface-wave analysis Oral Only
Mottahedeh, Rocky Modelling the Drainage of Wells and Frac Shadows in Montney Grimshaw Oral Only
Mottahedeh, Rocky Role and Importance of Geosteering in Geothermal Projects Oral Only
Mustaqeem, Azer; Baranova, Valentina; Kim, Jung; Teitel, Anastasya Data Analytics and Application of Automated Sequence Stratigraphic Approach to Montney Deposition in Fort St. John Graben Area Oral Only
Mustaqeem, Azer; Teitel, Anastasya; Baranova, Valentina Comparison of Various Seismic Inversion Methods – Lower Mannville Case Study Oral Only
Mutual, Evan; Cholach, Pavlo; Jakobsen, Ask; Hansen, Henrik; Mills, Andrew Direct probabilistic inversion: Improving interpretation of the Mannville sequence by injecting geology back into geophysics Oral Only
Negut, Alex; Negut, Dan; Salinas, Trino; Alvarez, Gabriel; Sanchez, Jose; Negut, Alex; Naffah, Carlos; Cotra, Goran Llanos Basin, PSDM contribution to fault shadow zone effect mitigation – Case study Oral Only
Negut, Dan; Upham, Warren ; Sato, Brent Deblending by asymmetrical multidirectional vector-median filtering Oral Only
Ng, Mark; Negut, Dan 6D interpolation determinants Poster Only
Ningthoujam, Jagabir; Arnott, Bill Sometimes Planar, Sometimes Irregular: a Bipartite Bed Interface Conundrum. Oral Only
Niu, Zhan; Trad, Daniel Deblending using convolutional neural networks Poster Only
Nivlet, Philippe A semi-quantitative integration of 4D seismic with the reservoir model for monitoring of injected gas volumes in a land carbonate reservoir Oral Only
Noad, Jon Turning Geology upside down: completely new approaches to traditional sedimentology Oral Only
Noad, Jon Oil rush! The dramatic story of the “Alberta Bakken” Oral Only
Noad, Jon; Noad, Jon Helium Fallacies? Ten assertions are examined to explain the truth behind the hype Oral Only
Noad, Jonathan Characterizing the Lisama Formation: Jewel of the Middle Magdalena Valley, Colombia Both Oral AND Poster
Normani, Stefano; Snowdon, Andrew Simulating fracture zone channel networks in groundwater models Oral Only
O’Brien, Simon; Halladay, Anne-Louise Evolution of the Quest CCS MMV Plan: 2011 to 2020 Oral Only
Ohtake, Ayako Teamwork – The Competitive Advantage Oral Only
Okuku, Christopher; Czypionka, Rainer Optimizing petrophysical properties in unconventional reservoirs using integrated Novel NMR methodology with other Advanced downhole measurements (A Montney Example). Oral Only
Okwoli, Emmanuel; Potter, David Comparison of High Resolution Petrophysical Screening Measurements on Core from a North Sea Jurassic Reservoir Oral Only
Olugbemiro, Robinson; Fowler, Martin Jeanne D’arc Basin (Offshore Eastern Canada) 3D Petroleum Systems Modeling Oral Only
O’Shea, Connor Unlocking Economic Zero Bleed Pneumatic Instrument Air Retrofits: A Review of Learnings from Westgen’s Emission Reduction Alberta Demonstration Project Oral Only
Ospina, Rachel; Amorocho, Claudia The Value of Pulsed Neutron Geochemical Logging Tools in Geomechanical Characterization of Unconventionals Oral Only
Ourabah, Amine High-density seismic with minimal environmental footprint Oral Only
Pavlakos, Paul Advances in Reservoir Monitoring in Steam Floods Using Multidetector Pulsed Neutron Tools Oral Only
Pendrel, John Does Geostatistical Inversion Increase Resolution? Oral Only
Pickus, Debbie ; pickus, debbie Turn Your Biggest Profit Killer Into Biggest Asset Oral Only
Pinnegar, Charles; Haglund, C. Diffraction Multifocusing Stacking With The Watershed Transform Both Oral AND Poster
Podetz, Christopher ; Horton, Jeffrey; Fockler, Meridee 2020-21 Western Canada Activity Review: The Patch in the Time of COVID Oral Only
Proenza, Yuliana; Dickie, Kerissa; Harbottle, Kass; Paris, Anitra Clarke Lake Geothermal Case Study: using the Geothermal Resource Portfolio Optimization and Reporting Technique (GeoRePORT) for Community Engagement and Socio-economic Analysis Both Oral AND Poster
Proverbs, Peter Deltaic depositional processes, fluctuating relative sea-level and syndepositional tectonism: controls on the geometry and distribution of fine-grained reservoirs, Montney Formation, northeast British Columbia, northwest Alberta Oral Only
Pyatkov, Evgeny Innovative Approach for Multilateral Well Completion with TAML 3 Junction Installation in Open Hole in Russia’s Yaro-Yakhinskoe cap gas oil deposit Oral Only
Qu, Luping; Lawton, Donald; Macquet, Marie; Dettmer, Jan; Innanen, Kristopher; Pan, Wenyong Surface wave full waveform inversion with the data collected from a trench deployed Distributed Acoustic Sensing survey Oral Only
Quinn, Dennis ; Schlosser, Gerry ; Sharifi, Fatemeh; Far, Behrouz ; Mohammed, Emad ; Quinn, Dennis ; Schlosser, Gerry ; Sharifi, Fatemeh Convolutional Neural Network based Geophysical Model for Automatic Velocity Picking in Seismic Data Poster Only
Ralph, Oliver; Cousins, Thomas Investigating resource play potential using 3D Models: The Montney Formation of Western Canada Oral Only
Reine, Carl; Talinga, Draga Geology-Guided Classification of an Alberta Montney Reservoir Oral Only
Reyes Canales, Mauricio; Rodriguez-Pradilla, German The rise, peak and decline of the induced seismicity related to hydraulic fracturing activities in the Duvernay play, Fox Creek area, Alberta. Oral Only
Reyes Canales, Mauricio; Wang, Ruijia; Wang, Jingchuan; Gu, Jeff; Shipman, Todd; Yusifbayov, Javad ; Li, Tianyang Preliminary seismic hazard analysis from wastewater disposal-induced seismicity near Musreau Lake, Alberta Oral Only
Riedlinger, Macrae; Bowyer, Robert; Servinski, Shawn; Bader, Alex; Tutolo, Benjamin An Attempt at Comparatively Ranking Negative Emission Techniques for Canadian Deployment Oral Only
Rines, Olga Pivot to Thrive: How to Harness Change to Unlock Opportunities Both Oral AND Poster
Rines, Olga Breaking the Conflict-Stress-Wellness Cycle: Effective Strategies to Protect Your Health at Work and at Home Both Oral AND Poster
Rocheleau, Jonathan Modelling the Devonian Horn River Group of the Central Mackenzie Valley, NWT Oral Only
Rodriguez, Karyna; Hodgson, Neil New Exploration Opportunities Revealed with Enhanced Seismic Datasets Offshore and Onshore Argentina and Peru Oral Only
Roos, Pete; Roos, Pete Methane Mitigation Requires Accurate Measurement and Quantification Oral Only
Ruso, Simona; Arnott, Bill Stratigraphic architecture and characterization of a Neoproterozoic continental slope system, Windermere Supergroup, east-central British Columbia, Canada Poster Only
Russell, Brian The co-evolution of rock physics and seismic inversion Oral Only
Ryan, Cathy Gases in groundwater: bubbles, energy, and radioactivity Oral Only
Ryan, Cathy Gases in groundwater: bubbles, energy, and radioactivity Oral Only
Saddleback, Steve; Eaton, David; Winter, Jennifer The CREATE-REDEVELOP program: Building relationships with Indigenous communities in a graduate-student training setting Oral Only
Salvage, Rebecca O.; Eaton, David W. Recent Seismicity in the Kiskatinaw Area, British Columbia: What can we learn about the dynamics of fault activation? Oral Only
Sawhney, Gupreet Geomodeling to Optimize Well Designs in the Montney Oral Only
Sayers, Colin Predicting drilling performance in unconventional reservoirs using seismic inversion Oral Only
Schmitt, Douglas Quantitative Measures of Stress and Pore Pressure: Applications to Fault Stability Oral Only
Schouten, Douglas Cosmic-ray muon tomography: Current developments in how Canadian innovation is helping industry drill less and discover more Oral Only
Schrynemeeckers, Rick; Crook, Cameron Using Geochemical Surface Detection to Perform Reservoir Characterization and Monitoring of CO2 Sequestration Sites Oral Only
Schrynemeeckers, Rick; Silliman, Alan Frontier Exploration in the Republic of Kenya- using geochemical tools to derisk exploration leads Oral Only
Schueth, Jonathan; Mutual, Evan How Links Between Complex Earth Systems Processes and Sequence Stratigraphy Constrained Organic Carbon Burial in the Early Cenomanian Mowry Shale, Wyoming, USA Oral Only
Schwear, Kari Living in the Gray – Society’s Secret Curse Oral Only
Sherry, Colleen Reimagining Energy – Opportunities Emerging For Oil & Gas Companies Through The Energy Transition Oral Only
Shikaze, Steven; Pelletier, Eric; Weaver, Laura; Niazi, Amir; King, Mark Estimating Lithium Resources and Reserves in Groundwater Brines Oral Only
Shuck, Curtis Well Done Foundation – Making a big impact by reducing methane emissions #onewellatatime Both Oral AND Poster
Snowdon, Andrew; Syke, Jonathan; Normani, Stefano Improving Canadian Shield crystalline rock characterization in hydrogeological models Oral Only
Soltanzadeh, Mehrdad Improving Caprock Integrity Assessment Workflows for CCUS Operations Oral Only
Soltanzadeh, Mehrdad; Xie, John ; Rahim, Nasir A Case of Integrated Geomechanical Characterization for Well Placement and Production Improvement in the Montney Formation Oral Only
Sorensen, James; Peck, Wesley; Connors, Kevin; Hamling, John; Leroux, Kerryanne Commercial Deployment of Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) in the Williston Basin – An Overview of Current Projects and Opportunities Oral Only
Southwick, Jeffrey; Dean, Matt Novel Chemical Flooding Technology – Applicability to Canadian Oil Fields Oral Only
Spray, Graham; Cui, Albert; Brabant, Darcy CRISP: A New Method for Determining Petrophysical Properties in Athabasca Oil Sands Plays Oral Only
Stephens, Andrea Permanent Transformational Pivot Oral Only
Tahmeen, Mazeda; Hareland, Geir; Hayes, John Geomechanical Index Log from Drilling Data for Selective Stimulation and Engineered Completion Oral Only
Talinga, Draga; Reine, Carl Fluid saturation and pressure changes in the Hugin Formation of the Volve oil field: Insights from time-lapse, rock physics, and pore pressure prediction Oral Only
Talman, Stephen; Chalaturnyk, Rick ; Rangriz-Shokri, Alireza Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Salts Recovered from an Active CO2 Injection Well Oral Only
Tavallali, Mohammad; Greig, Melissa US Lower 48 CO2 Demand Potential via CCUS Oral Only
Telford, Christine; Gardner, Martin; Herrett, Tim ; Fagg, Robert An Objective Skills Assessment for Operations Geoscience Oral Only
Terlaky, Viktor Revisiting the Imperial Formation – palaeoenvironmental reconstruction and potential hydrocarbon play Oral Only
Theunissen, Ian; McElgunn, Julia; Montague, Brett A Case Study: An application for real-time lithofacies identification using artificial intelligence and machine learning Oral Only
Thomsen, Leon A logical error in Gassmann poroelasticity Oral Only
Torres, Kristian; Sacchi, Mauricio Deep Learning solutions for inverse imaging: applications to LSRTM Oral Only
Trad, Daniel Computational aspects of Full Waveform Inversion Oral Only
Twemlow, Cory; Tucker, Jason; Tu, Qiang; Minions, Nikolas All Models Are Wrong but Some Are Useful: Understanding the Inputs for X-Ray Fluorescence Oral Only
Vaisblat, Noga;   Chalaturnyk, Richard A probabilistic petrophysical modeling and coupled thermal-geomechanical study of the Deadwood and Winnipeg Formations Oral Only
Vaisblat, Noga; Chalaturnyk, Rick; Power, Matt; Harris, Nicholas; Sanchez, Jose Does Grain Size Matter? (what do we know about grain size and reservoir quality of siltstones) Oral Only
Vallega, Valentina Coaching and Mentoring: my personal journey in a large corporate environment Oral Only
Vany, Jeanine Women In Geothermal – The case for gender equality and benefits to becoming a WING Canada member. Oral Only
vayavur, Rajesh Geophysical evidence of upper-crustal Archean basement folding and/or faulting below the East Range of the Sudbury impact crater Poster Only
Venieri, Marco; Harazim, Dario; Pedersen, Per; Eaton, David Assessment of vertical and lateral facies variability in organic-rich mudstones at the km-scale: a case study from the Devonian Duvernay Formation of Alberta, Canada Oral Only
Wach, Grant; Brown, David Petroleum Exploration on the Scotian Margin Oral Only
Wallace, Christopher; Zeinabady, Danial; Wu, Phyllis; Jalilpour, Soghra Wind – Hydrogen, a coupled energy alternative to diesel for Nunavut and other northern communities Both Oral AND Poster
Wang, Bei; Venables, Stu; Yu, Hongyu; Wang, Bei; Kao, Honn; Visser, Ryan Relative Significance of Controlling Factors on the Seismogenesis of Induced Seismicity in the Southern Montney Play Oral Only
Wang, Juefu Noise attenuation by 3D greedy Radon transform Oral Only
Wang, Yichuan; Lawton, Donald DAS VSP monitoring at the CaMI Field Research Station, Newell County, Alberta Poster Only
Watson, Ian; Finn, C. Mentorship: A Deliberate Program or an Ad Hoc Adventure? Part 1 Oral Only
Watson, Neil; Euzen, Tristan; Cui, Xiaojun (Albert); Wilson, Jordan Excess Pressure, A New Concept for Mapping Liquids Recovery Potential in Unconventional Plays. Example From The Montney Formation (Western Canada) Oral Only
Watt, Howard; Archer, John; Rodriguez, Lester A new approach to low impact seismic data acquisition in the Boreal forest Oral Only
Weydt, Leandra ; Sass, Ingo Geothermal assessment of the Upper Devonian carbonate aquifer systems in the Alberta Basin, Canada Oral Only
White, Don; Chalaturnyk, Rick; Rangriz Shokri, Alireza Closing the Loop: 4D Seismic Constraints on CO2 Flow Simulations from the Aquistore CO2 Storage Site Oral Only
White, Jonathan Characterization of the Lower Charlie Lake, a Naturally Fractured, Tight-Oil Reservoir, Alberta, Canada Both Oral AND Poster
Williams, Mandy M. So, You Want to be a Mentor? Building & Supporting the Next Generation of Geoscientists Oral Only
Wilson, Tessa; Gibbs, Allison Hydrodynamics, Deep Basin Systems and Exploring Downhole Geochemical Interactions in Unconventional Reservoirs: An Introduction Oral Only
Witten, Ben; Vaezi, Yoones; Baig, Adam A comparison of collocated surface and shallow borehole arrays for microseismic monitoring Oral Only
Wozniakowska, Paulina; Eaton, David Compilation of fault database for the NEBC and NW Alberta using publicly available data and open-source software Oral Only
Wright, Milly; Hildred, Gemma Chemostratigraphy 101: A practical guide to the use of elemental data for characterization and correlation of sedimentary rocks Oral Only
Yang, Min; Chai, Maojie Numerical investigation of air injection in a multilayer heavy oil reservoir Both Oral AND Poster
Youzwishen , Carre Trends from the Trenches: How others create career opportunities in challenging times Oral Only
Yuan, Wanju; Grasby, Stephen; Little, Edward; Chen, Zhuoheng An Evaluation on Closed-Loop Geothermal Energy Recovery from Canadian Deep High Enthalpy Systems Oral Only
Yurkowski, Melinda Helium in Southern Saskatchewan Oral Only
Zambrano Narvaez, Gonzalo; Chalaturnyk, Rick Permanent deep fluid recovery and bubble tube system for downhole pressure measurements deployed in Aquistore, a CCS integrated project Oral Only
Zhang, Chengkai; Nuweiri, Gus Platoi’s Global Leak Detection, and Infrastructure Remote Monitoring System – GENWS Oral Only
Zhang, Hongliang; Dettmer, Jan; Wong, Joe; Innanen, Kristopher Simultaneous inversion for anisotropy parameters and microseismic-event locations in orthorhombic media Poster Only
Zhang, Jieyu A mentee in the Energy industry Oral Only
Zhang, Rongfeng Simultaneous inversion for λρ and μρ via machine learning from multi-component poststack seismic data Oral Only
Zhang, Tianze ; Innanen, kristopher ; Sun, Jian; Trad, Daniel A recurrent neural network for l1 anisotropic viscoelastic full waveform inversion with high-order total variation regularization Both Oral AND Poster
Zhang, Yuan In situ microbial free phase gas production causes tensile fracturing: a laboratory demonstration Poster Only
Zhao, Pengfei; Hernandez Borbon, Jose Rogelio; Esquivias, Deborah Blanca; Marion, Kienan; Brookson, Travis Comparison of GHG Emissions from LNG Canada to American Alternatives: The Canadian Advantage Oral Only
Zheng, Wenbo; Cui, Albert Geomechanical characterization of proppant embedment behaviours in Montney siltstone using laboratory tests Oral Only
Zhuang, Kai; Trad, Daniel Application of HPC methods for Radon and Deblending Oral Only
Zwicker, Terry Further insights on Induced Seismicity in the Duvernay East Shale Basin Oral Only