Author Title Presentation
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Alhashwa, Sobhi Advancing the Management of Induced Seismicity Risk in the Duvernay Formation Oral
Alimahomed, Farhan Seismic to Production: Using Seismic Attributes to Draw Correlations between Well Trajectories and Production in the Montney Oral
Alimahomed, Farhan; Eric Wigger, Matthew Drouillard Impact of Geomechanics on Hydraulic Fracture Geometry and Well Spacing in the East Duvernay Shale Basin, Canada Oral
Ameur, Zied Ouled; Chris Elliott, Simon Gittins Experimental and Numerical Studies of Aquathermolysis Tests of Christina Lake Bitumen with Steam Oral
Amin, C. M. Ruhul; Practical method of identification of presence of natural fracture – including mature fields Oral
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Armbruster, Kurt D. Displaying Well Control Incident Data in Petrel; a Workflow for Promoting Rig Safety Across Disciplines Oral
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Ayaz, Areeba Syeda; Joan Esterle A Tephrostartigraphic and Teprhochronologic Approach of Understanding Subsurface Architecture. An Example from Permian Fort Cooper Coal Measures, Bowen Basin, Queensland, Australia. Poster
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Barthwal, Himanshu; Mirko van der Baan Permeability estimation from hydraulic fracturing induced microseismicity: Effect of fracture growth Oral
Barthwal, Himanshu; Frank J. Calixto, Mirko van der Baan Attenuation tomography using recorded microseismicity in a mine Oral
Bennett, Barry; Steve Larter Interpreting classical molecular maturity parameters based on qualitative and quantitative data Oral
Bergen, Stuart Barycentric Interpolation of Towed-streamer Position Data Oral
Bhattacharya, Janok P. Bioturbation and sedimentation rates in prodeltas Oral
Bhattacharya, Janok P. Sequence stratigraphy using well logs and cores, a systematic approach Oral
Bjarnason, Alicia D. Is a #MeToo Moment Long Overdue in the Geosciences? A discussion on harassment, sexual harassment and sexual violence within Alberta’s Resource Sector, and what we can all do about it. Oral
Bohlender, Erin L.; Henry G. Portilla, Per K. Pedersen Characterization and Distribution of Lithofacies of the East Duvernay Shale Basin near Elnora/Twining, Alberta Through Core and Log Analysis Poster
Boland, Ghadeer Taleb; Chao Chen, Stephen Antonson, Eslam Elabsy A New Approach of Utilizing Real Time Resistivity Image Measurements in North Kuwait Carbonate Formation Evaluation for Completion Optimization: Case Study Oral
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Carozzi, Fernanda; Mauricio D. Sacchi SSA reconstruction without binning Oral
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Cesar, Jaime; Michael Nightingale, Veith Becker, Bernhard Mayer Organic and Isotope Geochemistry of Hybrid Hydrocarbon Accumulations Oral
Châtenay, Allan; Paul Thacker Ultra-High-Density 3D Seismic in the Oil Sands with Near Zero Environmental Footprint Oral, Poster
Chen, Huaizhen; Junxiao Li, Kristopher Innanen Nonlinear inversion for fluid and stress parameters Oral
Chen, Shengnan; Shuhua Wang Data Driven Models Using Machine Learning Methods to Predict Well Productivity in Montney Formations Oral
Chen, Zhuoheng; Jon Liu, Edward Little, Jijin Yang, Yu Zhou, Dennis Jiang An Organic Porosity Evolution Model through Machine Learning, Example from Upper Devonian Duvernay Formation, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Oral
Chenger, Dr. Denise T.; Dr. Rachael N. Pettigrew Re-thinking the Operating Model with Integrated Operations Oral
Chernetsov, Max Sand Structures for Offshore Exploration and Logistics in Environmentally Protected Areas Poster
Chio, Hsao-Hsien Production operations: Artificial lift design, facility philosophy, H2S production challenges (from where and how much) Oral
Chopra, Satinder; Ritesh Kumar Sharma, James Keay Seismic reservoir characterization of the Bone Spring and Wolfcamp formations in the Delaware Basin with efforts at quantitative interpretation – Part 1 Oral
Chopra, Satinder; Ritesh Kumar Sharma, James Keay Two inversion case studies from the SCOOP and STACK area of Oklahoma Oral
Chopra, Satinder; Ritesh Kumar Sharma, James Keay Unsupervised machine learning applications for seismic facies classification Oral, Poster
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Cong, Hailong; Hong Li Stress-dependant Permeability Variation of Tight Sandstone Poster
Cova, Raul; Heather K. Hardeman-Vooys, Da Li, Matt McDonald Distributed acoustic sensing applications for near-surface characterization and traffic monitoring Oral
Cova, Raul; Kris Innanen, Marianne Rauch-Davies Effect of deconvolution operations on the elastic FWI of a walkaway VSP dataset Oral
Crook, Andrea Simultaneous Source vs. Regular Vibroseis Acquisition – a Direct Comparison Oral
Crook, Andrea; Rob McGrory, Nathan Baker, Adam Westlake Transitioning to High Density Vibroseis Seismic Acquisition: A Case Study Oral, Poster
Cui, Albert; Jordan Wilson An Integrated Approach to Determine the Hydrocarbon Compositions and PVT Properties of Unconventional Gas Condensate Reservoirs Oral
Cui, Albert; Jordan Wilson, Raphael Wust, Brent Nassichuk, Cory Twemlow Stress-Dependence of Porosity and Permeability of Tight rocks of the Montney Formation: New Insights from Holistic Interpretations of MICP Data Oral
Curkan, Jordan; Siavash Nejadi, Paul Durkin, Stephen M. Hubbard Vertically Stacked Meander-belt Deposits of the McMurray Formation and Implications for Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage Oral, Poster
Currie, Carolyn Delta or Estuary: That is the question – The role of ichnology in the interpretation of shallow marine systems, an example from the Clearwater Formation, Cold Lake, Alberta Oral
Currie, Carolyn Enhanced Recovery Methods in Unconventional Plays: ‘Soaking’ – Friend or Foe? Oral
Day, Robert; Carolyn Currie Looking at the Cardium Formation from Top to Bottom – Understanding the Self-Sourcing Nature of the Cardium and the Implications of this to Resource Estimates and Recovery Factors Poster
De Oliveira, Ricardo; Mariana Figuera Post-Stack Seismic image optimization for Fracture Seismic Attributes – A practical guide of the SSIO methodology Oral
Delmoral, Rafael A. Becerra Comparing Petrophysical Models for an Unconventional Shale Play: a Case Study of the Lower Jurassic Nordegg/ Gordondale Members in Alberta Oral
Devere-Bennett, Noel; Tess Storck, Mitchell Gillrie Using Biomarker Geochemistry as a Reservoir Surveillance Tool; Supported by 4D Seismic and Observation Well Results Oral
Dick, M. J.; D. Veselinovic, D. Green Overview Of NMR Techniques For Core Analysis Oral
Dobrovicescu, Sorin; Ross McElroy, Ray Ashley Application of high resolution 2D marine seismic technique for geological and geotechnical objectives at Paterson Lake South Triple R Uranium Deposit Oral
Downton, Jonathan E.; Daniel P. Hampson Use of theory-guided neural networks to perform seismic inversion Oral
DuBois, P.F.; M. Noorzi, D. Drozd, T. Walker , F. Yan Incorporating Formation Re-Evaluations with Laboratory Rock and Fluid Testing to Achieve Long Lived and Cost-Effective Disposal, Injection and Producing wells Oral, Poster
Dumitrescu, Carmen C.; Glenn Larson The Biot Coefficient and Anisotropic Stress Estimation from Seismic Oral
Durkin, Paul R.; Siavash Nejadi, Jordan A. Curkan, Stephen M. Hubbard From township to well pad: A geological approach to geomodeling McMurray Formation channel-belt deposits Oral
Durkin, Paul R.; Stephen M. Hubbard, Sean C. Horner, Harrison K. Martin, Cynthia A. Hagstrom, Dylan Evanik The McMurray Formation ‘A2 Valley’: Where is the shoreline? Oral
Eaid, Matthew; Kris Innanen Toward 4C FWI: Distributed acoustic sensing and 3C as complementary datasets Oral
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Esslinger, Phil A. Petroleum Hydrodynamics Fundamentals 101 Oral
Etris, Ned Improving Formation Factor and Permeability Estimation in Clean Sediments for Reservoir Characterization of Oil Sands Oral
Euzen, Tristan; Jean-Yves Chatellier, Neil Watson In situ versus produced hydrocarbons in unconventional reservoirs: insight from produced and mud gas geochemistry (Montney resource play, Western Canada) Oral
Evans, Curtis; Michael J. Whiticar Molecular Composition and Isotope Mapping of Natural Gas in NEBC Oral
Eyre, Thomas S.; David W. Eaton Implications of long-lived post-injection induced seismicity near Fox Creek, Alberta Oral
Eyre, Thomas S.; David W. Eaton, Mike Chappell, Scott McKean Advanced Simulation Environment for Induced Seismicity Mitigation and Integrated Control (ASEISMIC) Oral
Fairey, Brenton J.; Marta Barbarano, David A. Riley, Tim J. Pearce Detrital zircon U-Pb ages: evidence for Variscan sediment provenance in the Grand Banks, offshore Newfoundland Poster
Fam, Hossein Jodeiri Akbari; Mostafa Naghizadeh Multi-Focusing stacking using the Very Fast Simulated Annealing global optimization algorithm Oral
Faskhoodi, Majid M.; Drazenko Boskovic, Alexey Zhmodik, Li Qiuguo, Oscar P. Michi, Venkateshwaran Ramanathan, Raouf Ameuri Optimization of Hydraulic Fracture Design Parameters, Using Unconventional Fracture Modeling (UFM) Approach, A Montney Example Oral, Poster
Fedenczuk, Leon Data Integration, Modeling, and Up-scaling with Adaptive Grid Block Size Oral, Poster
Feng, Wujun; Zhuoheng Chen, Chunqing Jiang, Julito Reyes, Xiaojun, Liu Geochemical Signatures of Doig Sourced Hydrocarbons: Can Doig Phosphate Source Rock Generate Two Different Types of Oils? Oral
Feng, Xiaoxu; Xinwei Liao, Zhiyu Liu Study on well spacing optimization in tight sandstone gas reservoir Poster
Ferrer, Giselle Garcia; Majid M. Faskhoodi, Alexey Zhmodik, Li Qiuguo, Herman Mukisa Parent-Child Interference in the Duvernay Play: Guidelines for Completing Children Wells in Multiple-Well Pads Oral
Ferron, Curtis; Janok Bhattacharya, William Matthews Unmixing Mixed Signals in Ancient Fluvial Deposits: Implications for Paleogeographic Reconstructions and Sedimentary Provenance Sampling Strategies. Oral, Poster
Findlay, Duncan John; Bogdan Varban Incorporating multiple sedimentological trends into a realistic geomodel: using the modern Mississippi False River point bar as a proxy for the ancient McMurray Oral
Fleming, Neil A.; Tiago A. Morais, Celia S. Kennedy, M. Cathryn Ryan Evaluation of SCVF and GM measurement approaches to detect fugitive gas migration around energy wells. Poster
Fockler, Meridee J. Differentially Stuck Oral
Fox, Amy D.; Pat McLellan History of Significant Petroleum Geomechanics Advances in Western Canada and a Look at the Future Oral
Funk, Craig; Randy Brehm, Tanner Soroka How Geophysics Became Integral to Potash Mining in Saskatchewan Oral
Furlong, Carolyn M.; Murray K. Gingras, John-Paul Zonneveld The Application of Ichnology, Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy to Identify Reservoir Distribution in the Middle Triassic Sunset Prairie Formation, Northeastern British Columbia Oral
Galić, Slavena; A. Guy Plint Evolving coastal and alluvial systems, subsidence patterns, and eustatic changes in SW Alberta during the Late Albian and earliest Cenomanian Oral
Gallop, Jeremy; Marie Hong, Majid Saeedi, Tim Lau Rapid 4D Inversion Using A Production Facies Approach Oral
Galloway, Elwyn; Tyler Hauck, Hilary Corlett, Dinu Pana, Ryan Schultz Connecting fluid-flow along faults to hydraulic fracturing induced seismicity: an integrated geoscience study Oral
Galvis-Portilla, Henry; Marco Venieri; Simon Poirier; Scott McKean; Samantha Mackie, Per Kent Pedersen Sedimentological and Stratigraphic Observations from the Margin-to-Basin system of The Duvernay Formation: ‘A Field Notebook is Worth a Thousand Words’ Oral
Gao, Wenlei; Gian Matharu, Mauricio Sacchi A Kronecker sum decomposition of the Hessian matrix for fast least-squares RTM migration Oral
Garcia,Ysabel M.; Pierce A. Laing, Christopher B. Harrison, Allan R. Chatenay, Paul Thacker How to Not Ruin Your Vibe – Delineating Potential Risk Zones for Seismic Operations in Wetland-Dominated Regions Using Colour-Infrared and LiDAR Oral
Gendur, Jason A. Planning and Evaluating New Generation Pulsed Neutron Logs: An Example from Duvernay Shale Oral
Ghafur, Ala A.; Salad Hersi,O., Varoujan K. Sissakian, Hassan O. Omer, Hawkar A. Abdulhaq Facies-controlled dolomitization of the Lower Cretaceous Qamchuqa Formation, Kurdistan Region, Northern Iraq Poster
Gingras, Murray K.; Shahin E. Dashtgard, Andrew D. La Croix The McMurray Conundrum: Brackish Water and Tidal Influence Oral
Gordon, Adriana; Don C. Lawton, Kevin Hall, Tom Daley Processing of walk-away DAS and geophone VSP data from the CaMI Field Research Station, Newell County, Alberta Oral
Gray, Heather A. Depositional Architecture of the middle McMurray Formation: Suncor Firebag SAGD Asset Oral
Guarido, Marcelo Machine Learning Strategies to Perform Facies Classification Oral
Guevara, Saul E.; Daniel Trad Looking for SS waves in conventional 3C seismic data Poster
Hall, Kevin W.; Kevin L. Bertram, Malcolm Bertram, Kris Innanen, Don C. Lawton CREWES 2018 multi-azimuth walk-away VSP field experiment Oral
Hardeman-Vooys, Heather K.; Matt McDonald, Michael P. Lamoureux VSP using Distributed Acoustic Sensing at the CaMI Field Research Station in Newell County, AB – August 2018 Oral
Hardeman-Vooys, Heather K.; Michael P. Lamoureux Analytic models of distributed acoustic sensing data for straight and helical fibre Poster
Hargreaves, Anne C.; F.W. Richards, Ricardo Silva, Grant Wach Seismic and Lithological Characterization and Source Rock Potential of the Aptian Naskapi Shale Member, Logan Canyon Formation, Offshore Nova Scotia Poster
Harrison, Dr. Christopher B.; Paul Thacker, Allen Chatenay Pump Up (or Down) the Volume with Color Infrared Imagery and Surface Consistent Scaling Oral, Poster
Hartel, Tim Devonian-Carboniferous reservoir and the utopian sea level curve Oral
Harvey, Stephen; Simon O’Brien, Anne Halladay, Vicente Oropeza Bacci Time Lapse Seismic at the Quest Carbon Capture and Storage Project Poster
Hassan, Hassan H.; Serguei Goussev Deep learning approach to automatically detect faults and fractures from magnetic data using convolutional neural network (CNN) Oral
Hassan, Hassan H.; Serguei Goussev Fusion of multi-physics data with machine learning independent component analysis (ICA) improves detection of geological features Poster
Hassan, Hassan H.; Serguei Goussev Inpainting: a new way to restore geophysical data corrupted by culture noise and missing data gaps Oral
Hauck, Tyler E. Moving beyond ‘salt thickness’: a detailed assessment of lithological heterogeneity within salt-bearing evaporite successions in the Elk Point Group of Alberta Poster
Hawranik, Marcie G. Gender-Based Analysis (GBA+) and Bill C-69 – A Tool for Equity and Innovation Oral
Hayes, Brad J. Exploring Pakistan’s Indus Basin – Applying Knowledge from Western Canada Oral
Heim, Josef; Candace Bruins, James Beck, Renita Aranha, Hanieh Shahrokhi Depth Imaging in the Delaware Basin – a case study Oral
Henley, David C. Wrinkles in time: removing surface effects from 3D source ensembles Oral
Hermanson, Kay-Cee M. The Sun Rises in the East Shale Duvernay Oral
Hersi, Osman Salad; Iftikhar A. Abbasi, Abdulrahman Al-Harthy Tectono-eustatic effects on siliciclastic-rich to siliciclastic-poor outer-to-inner ramp carbonate transition: Albian to early Turonian Dhalqut Formation, Dhofar, Southern Oman Oral
Hills, David Final preparations for Alberta’s biggest CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Leduc Formation at Clive Oral
Hirschmiller, John; Bertrand Groulx, Scott Quinell, Brian Emmerson, Bill Spackman The Importance of Geoscience in using Machine Learning to Predict and Optimize Well Performance – Case Study from the Spirit River Formation Oral
Holding, Trevor L. Drilling & Completion lessons learned in the Duvernay from appraisal to development Oral
Hu, Xinyue; C, Wong; R, Silva; G, Wach 1D and 2D Petroleum System Modelling of Potential Lower Jurassic Source Rock on Scotian Margin Poster
Huang, Junwei; Philip J. Usher Anisotropic velocity model calibration with controlled complexity– A microseismic monitoring case study Oral, Poster
Innanen, Kris; Don Lawton, Kevin Hall, Kevin Bertram, Malcolm Bertram, Henry Bland Field deployment and response of a shaped DAS fibre loop Oral
Irani, Mazda On Geomechanical Effects on Production Enhancement in Steam-Assisted Gravity-Drainage Process. Part II: Cam-Clay Model Oral
Irvine, Christopher J. Earth’s planetary evolution and the extinction of the dinosaurs Poster
Ishikawa, Satoshi; Naoyuki Shimoda, Hiroyuki Tokunaga Microseismic event locationing considering refraction and ambiguity of S-wave picking: Horn River case study Oral
Isaac, J. Helen; Don C. Lawton, Malcolm B. Bertram Shear-wave studies of the near-surface at the CaMI Field Research Station in Newell County, Alberta Oral, Poster
Iverson, Andrew S.; Scott D. Keating, Kristopher A. H. Innanen, Daniel O. Trad Internal multiple prediction and the downward generator space Oral
Iwuoha, Sochi C.; Per K. Pedersen, Christopher R. Clarkson Quasi Seismic-Scale Modeling of the Montney Formation from Well Log Data: A Quick Look Technique for Assessing Reservoir Heterogeneity and Geomechanical Characteristics Oral
Izadi, Hossein; Vahidoddin Fattahpour, Morteza Roostaei, Mahdi Mahmoudi, Noel Devere-Bennett Unsupervised and Self-adaptive Algorithm for Particle Size Distribution Clustering Poster
Jarvie, Daniel M. Tight Oil Geochemistry Oral
Jauer, Christopher D. Evidence for petroleum systems offshore Baffin Island Oral
Javanbakhti, Ahmad A Data Driven Solution to the Mystery of Seismic Velocities in Oil Sands Oral
Javanbakhti, Ahmad A Machine Learning Approach for Viscoelastic Fluid Substitution in Oil Sands Poster
Jayawardane, Laurence The 3D Provincial Geological Framework Model of Alberta, Version 2: updating a province‐wide 3D geocellular model to incorporate 30 new model zones Oral, Poster
Jean, Thomas R.; Shahin E. Dashtgard The Eastern Flank: Predicting the Architecture of the McMurray Formation Beyond its Subcrop Edge Oral, Poster
Jerome, T. Closing the gap… by codifying what efficient team work should be in geomodeling projects Poster
Jia, Suzie; Ron Wong, David Eaton Acoustic Emissions of Hydraulic Fracturing Laboratory Experiment on Montney Shale Poster
Johns, Tony D. Birefringence analysis of 3C PS seismic data: Permian Basin – Case Study, NE Midland Oral
Johnson, Samuel D.; Jonathan C. Banks, Daniel S. Alessi Analysis of Alberta Precambrian Basement core and modelling the fracture characteristics necessary for operating an Enhanced Geothermal System in the Alberta Precambrian Basement Oral
Johnston, Matthew J.; Jean-Francois Gagnon Geologic overview: setting the stage what makes the Duvernay tick at the Reservoir level Oral
Joslin, Kevin Simulation-Based Hydraulic Fracture Workflows for Optimizing Unconventional Asset Development Oral
Kabanov, Pavel B.; Sofie A. Gouwy, Christine Deblonde, Chunqing (Dennis) Jiang, and Mary L. Borrero The Canol shale basin of NW Canada: New outlook on lithostratigraphy and paleoceanographic control of a Devonian shale-hydrocarbon prospect Oral, Poster
Karimi, Sepideh; Dario Baturan Performance evaluation of a real-time induced seismicity management tool Oral
Kazemi, Nasser; Daniel Trad, Kris Innanen, Roman Shor Least-squares RTM of a seismic-while-drilling dataset Oral
Keating, Scott D.; Kristopher A Innanen Reducing crosstalk in viscoelastic FWI through parameterization choice Oral
Kelly, Trevor B.; Grant D. Wach Stratigraphy, Depositional Setting, and Reservoir Quality of the Logan Canyon Formation, Offshore Nova Scotia Poster
Keswani, Arjun D.; S.George Pemberton Applied Ichnology In Reservoir Geology: A New Biogenic-Diagenetic Model For Dolomites In Mississippian Upper Midale Beds, Weyburn Oilfield, Saskatchewan Oral
Khan, Hamza Evaluating of Amplitude-Versus-Offset (AVO) response of Lamshiwal Formation of Kabirwala Block, Punjab Platform, Central Indus Basin Pakistan Poster
Kim, Min; Hyundon Shin, Hyun Suk Lee Neural Network Models for Predicting the Size and Horizontal Location of Shale Barrier Using Reservoir Parameters and SAGD Production Data Oral, Poster
King, Michael R.; Scott Botterill, Murray Gingras, James A. MacEachern Glossifungites-Demarcated Stratigraphic Surfaces: Landward Limits of the Omission Suite Paradigm Poster
Kingsmith, Kim David Responsible Disposal of Oil and Gas Waste Fluids: Trends, Risks and Mitigation Oral
Kleiner, Sean Drilling practices and challenges: with some of the deepest and longest laterals in Canada, what are some of the challenges and successes in the Duvernay Oral
Knapp, Levi J.; Shinnosuke Uchida, Takashi Nanjo, Omid Haeri-Ardakani Mineralogical controls on organic-hosted pore volume and pore size – Duvernay Formation, Alberta, Canada Oral
Knight, Dean; Geoff MacDonald Large Scale Tectonics, Oil-Window Fairways, and Localized Hydrothermal Dolomite: Windfall`s Exshaw – Wabamun Combination Oral
Kola-Ojo, Muyi Spectral Decomposition as a Quality Control Tool in 5D Interpolation Oral
Koning, Tako Exploring in Asia for Oil and Gas in Naturally Fractured and Weathered Basement Reservoirs Poster
Kopp, Jeff Determining the Most Effective Diversion Strategy Using Pressure Based Fracture Maps: A Meramec (STACK) Case Study Oral
Kunert, Alex; Brian Kendall, Thomas Moslow, Gerald Nyberg, Bernadette Pedersen, Craig Smith Early Jurassic Source Potential and Ocean Redox Conditions Inferred from Trace Metal and Organic Geochemistry of the Gordondale Member and Poker Chip Shale, Northeastern BC Poster
Ladd, Bethany; Aaron G. Cahill, Jessie Chao, Julia Soares, Cara Manning, Chitra Chopra, Niko Finke, Tim Cary, Iain Hawthorne, Andrew Black, K. Ulrich Mayer, Sean Crowe, Rachel Lauer, Bernhard Mayer, Laurie Welch, Roger Beckie Subsurface migration, environmental impacts, and fate of fugitive gas from energy resource development: a controlled natural gas release experiment in NE British Columbia Poster
Lafreniere, Alexander G.; Charles A Wrightson Hydraulic Fracture Characterization through Visualizations, a Catalyst for Collaboration, Engagement, and Reducing Bias Oral
LaGrange, Maya T.; Brette S. Harris, Murray K. Gingras Building a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework using Chemostratigraphy: An Example from the Devonian Canol Formation, Northwest Territories Poster
Lamoureux, Michael P.; Heather K. Hardeman-Vooys Particle swarms for numerical wave equation Oral
Leaney, Scott; Edgar Arteaga, Don Lawton, Kris Innanen Sonic anisotropy and monoclinic modelling at the CaMI site Oral
Leaney, Scott; Theo Cuny, Edgar Arteaga, Takashi Mizuno, Marco Perez Integrated anisotropic model building for the Montney using sonic and hybrid cable DAS VSP Oral
Lebedev, Sergey “Factory Geosteering”. Challenges and solutions. Poster
Li, Hong; Pingchuan Dong Study on surface tension and wetting behavior of a novel fluorocarbon surfactant Poster
Li, Hong; Pingchuan Dong, Zisen Wu Study of the flow law of the reservoir rock based on lattice Boltamann method Poster
Li, Shengyu; Jingchun Tian, Milovan Fustic, Dongdong Yang Refining Depositional Environment Interpretation using Ichnofacies and their Potential Impact on Enhanced Reservoir Properties: a case study of Baiyinchagan Sag, Erlian Basin, China Poster
Liang, Hong; Houzhu Zhang Geophone noise attenuation after dual sensor summation for ocean bottom data in the wavelet domain Oral
Liseroudi, Mastaneh H.; Omid H. Ardakania, Hamed Sanei, Per K. Pedersen, Ronald J. Spencerd, James M. Wood δ13C, δ18O and 87Sr/86Sr isotope composition of Montney Formation carbonate phases: implications for the nature of diagenetic fluids Oral
Liu, Yexin A comparison of Machine Learning methods for seismic inversion to estimate velocity and density Oral
Lu, Peng; Guanru Zhang and Chen Zhu Controls on CO2 Partial Pressure in Petroleum Reservoirs during Burial Diagenesis Oral, Poster
Luo, Cindy Xintian; Renjun Wen McMurray Formation Bedding Scale Heterogeneity Model Templates and Directional Permeability Distributions Poster
Luo, Peng; Petro Nakutnyy, Kelvin D. Knorr Miscible or Immiscible? Gas Flooding for Bakken Reservoirs in Southeast Saskatchewan Oral
Lyster, Steve; Tiffany Playter, Mike Berhane Three-Dimensional Property Modelling of the Montney Formation in Alberta Oral
Lyu, Zhengyi; Michael J. Orchard, Laishi Zhao, Zhong-Qiang Chen A proposed evolutionary lineage of Eurygnathodus and its role in defining the base of the Olenekian (Lower Triassic) Oral
MacDonald, Adam J. Cased Hole Dual Physics Nuclear Measurement – Opportunities Created Through Measurement Oral
MacDougall, Malcolm DJ; Alexander Braun, Georgia Fotopoulos Implications of Glacial Isostatic Adjustment on Petroleum Reservoirs in the Grand Banks of Newfoundland Oral, Poster
MacEachern, James A.; Nakarí Díaz Integrating Ichnology with Sedimentology to Solve Sequence Stratigraphic Problems: Case Study of a Forced Regressive Asymmetric Delta, Viking Formation, Kaybob-Fox Creek, AB Oral
MacEachern, James A.; Murray K. Gingras, Kerrie L. Bann, Sarah K. Schultz Applying Ichnology to Sequence Stratigraphy – A Legacy of S. George Pemberton Oral
MacKay, Mason K.; Christopher R. Clarkson, David W. Eaton A Rock Mass Approach to Assess Hydro-Mechanical Deformation in Tight Rock Reservoirs Oral
Mackie, Samantha; Marco Venieri, Scott McKean, Henry Galvis Portilla, Simon Poirier, Per Kent Pedersen The interaction between cm- and m-scale heterogeneity of the Duvernay Formation based on an outcrop case study: implications for 3-D reservoir modeling Poster
Macquet, Marie; Don Lawton Using passive seismic data at the CaMI Field Research Station, Newell County, Alberta Canada Oral
Mader-Kayser, Nadine; Jonathan Redfern Triassic syn-rift reservoir architecture – linking across the Atlantic conjugate margin (Fundy Basin, Canada; Essaouira Basin and Argana Valley, Morocco) Oral
Maitra, Mrinmoy Kumar; Kari Nicalo Bassett Lacustrine sequence stratigraphy of the Greymouth Rift Basin, New Zealand: tectonic evolution and distribution of source rock facies Oral
Malaieri, Mohammad; Raya Matoorian, Mehrdad Soltanzadeh A Comprehensive Study on Mineral Scaling Potential during Water Flooding in an Offshore Oilfield Oral, Poster
Malo, Scott; Nick Volkmer, Jimmy McNamara, Ehsan Amirian Eagle Ford: Introducing the Big Bad Wolf Oral
Manzanilla Bernal; Saavedra, Mauricio D. Sacchi Coherence cube analysis via a 3D Riesz transform Oral
Martyns-Yellowe, Kenneth T.; Grant D. Wach, Frank W. Richards, Neil Watson Investigating the role of crestal faulting on hydrocarbon trapping in rollover structures of the Sable Subbasin, Offshore Nova Scotia – Insights from the Migrant Structure. Oral, Poster
Marum, Daniela; Maria Diná Afonso Enhancement of the Gas Extraction for Reservoir Identification in a New Mud Logging System Oral, Poster
Mathewson, John; Miguel Acosta Perez, WesternGeco; Edgar Serrano Casillas, Silvino Dominguez Garcia, and Jorge Diaz de Leon Chagolla Joint PP-PS model building for complex geology – an example from Offshore Mexico Oral
Mauger, Simon The Montney: Changing the Face of the Western Canadian Natural Gas Industry Oral
Maurer, Zachary L.; Benjamin J. Rostron, Osman Salad Hersi, Tsilavo Raharimahefa Hydrochemical Analysis of Lithium in the Williston Basin: Bakken and Frobisher Aquifers Oral, Poster
Mayes, Cesar Alejandro Gamez; Janet Isabel Ravelo Cervantes, Julio Hernandez Villalobos, Juan Gabriel Hernandez Jaime, John Mathewson, Josue Jurado Ramírez Enhanced resolution and earth properties estimation using least-squares imaging: a Mexico land case study Oral
McKean, Scott H.; Jeffrey A. Priest, Jan Dettmer, David W. Eaton Probabalistic Clustering of a Discrete Fracture Network from Microseismic Data Oral
McKean, Scott H.; Simon Poirier, Jeffrey A Priest, Per Kent Pedersen, Henry Galvis-Portilla; Marco Venieri, Samantha Mackie Induced seismicity and hydraulic fracturing insights from a fracture survey of an analogous Duvernay outcrop Poster
Mehrabifard, Ali; Erik Eberhardt Empirical and numerical investigation of the effects of in situ stress regime on induced seismicity magnitude distribution Oral
Mei, Shilong Three-Dimensional Property Modelling of Scollard and Paskapoo Formations and Their Equivalent Bedrock Units in Southwest Alberta Oral
Monahan, Patrick; Victor Levson, Brad Hayes, Kathleen Dorey, Yevgen Mykula, Ryan Brenner, Jason Clarke, Beth Galambos, Cliff Candy, Claudia Krumbiegel, Elizabeth Calderwood Mapping the Susceptibility to Amplification of Seismic Ground Motions in the Montney Play Area, Northeast British Columbia Oral
Monsegny, Jorge E.; Daniel O. Trad Pure P- and S-wave elastic reverse time migration with adjoint state method imaging condition Oral
Moradi, Peyman Multi-Well RTA in Unconventional Wells with Non-Uniform Microseismicity-constrained SRVs Oral
Moradi, Shahpoor; Daniel Trad, Kristopher A. Innanen An active role for quantum computation in exploration seismology Oral
Morozov, Igor B.; Shuna Chen Dynamic Fluid Substitution in Porous Rock by Inversion for Mechanical Properties Oral
Moslow, Thomas F.; John-Paul Zonneveld Fundamental Skills in Core to Log Correlations in Unconventional Resource Plays: Examples from the Montney Formation Oral
Moussa, Tamer; Hassan Dehghanpour, Yingkun Fu and Obinna Ezulike Multivariate Analysis of Completion Design Parameters and their Effects on Effective Fracture Volume Oral
Muirhead, Michael New Technology Plays of Western Canada: What is the Value? Oral
Nelson, Rachel Alyse High resolution analysis of the depositional processes, environment, cyclicity and source of sediment of the Juana Lopez Member of the Mancos Shale, New Mexico Poster
Nemeth, Nathan C. Canada and US Unconventional Play Trends Oral
Ng, Matt; Chelsea Squires The Modern Geophysicist: Using Geophysics the Geophysicist to Add Value and Influence Business Decisions Oral
Nicholson, Kirby Close Encounters in the 3rd Dimension: Using Diagnostic Fracture Injection Tests (DFITs) from the Alberta Duvernay Shale Formation to Quantify Simultaneous Horizontal- & Vertical-Plane Hydraulic Fracture Growth Oral
Nitu, Lucian Reservoir Gas Ratio Interpretation Oral
Niu, Zhan; Jian Sun, Daniel O. Trad Inversion with the Born approximation in a deep learning framework Poster
Noad, Jon Welcome to the Thermocene: the potential impact of global warming on the sedimentary record Oral
Nopola, Jay R.; Samuel J. Voegeli Development of Thermal Breakout Technology for Determining the Maximum Horizontal In Situ Stress Oral
Noyahr, Christopher; John A. Weissenberger, Nicholas B. Harris, Jonathan C. Banks Defining a Geo-model of the South Swan Hills Reef Complex for Geothermal Use, Swan Hills, Alberta Oral, Poster
O’Connor, Darragh; F. W. Richards, G. Wach Fluid Flow and Trap Adequacy – Contrasting Triassic Fluvial Outcrops and Cretaceous Deltaic Reservoirs Onshore and Offshore Nova Scotia Oral
Obodovsky, Amanda K. Impact Craters in Seismic Data: Ongoing Study of Astroblemes and Their Importance to the Oil & Gas Industry Poster
Oghenekohwo, Felix; Felix J. Herrmann Time-lapse seismic data processing and inversion using shared information from vintages Oral
Oghenekohwo, Felix; Mauricio D. Sacchi Ground roll attenuation via NMO-Stack deconvolution and transform-domain noise synthesis Oral
Ogunfolabo, Taofeek Agboola Seismic and Sequence Stratigraphic Analyses to Delineate the Hydrocarbon Potential of Olawah Field, Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria Poster
Oldenburg, Thomas B.P.; Melisa Brown, S. Hossein Hosseini, Ygor dos Santos Rocha, Reinhard F. Sachsenhofer, Steve R. Larter Advances in Petroleomics approaches for petroleum systems assessment using ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry – FTICR-MS Oral
Osadetz, Kirk G. Effects and Impacts of Methane Leakage and Emissions Oral
Pagels, Markus; Donald Hall, Walker Neumann, Troy Curzon Fluid Inclusion Stratigraphy on Montney Well Cuttings Oral
Papathanasaki, Iliana; Mauricio D. Sacchi Simultaneous signal and ground roll modeling with L2 and L1 constraints Oral
Park, Min Jun; Mauricio D. Sacchi Convolutional Neural Network with Transfer Learning for Automatic Velocity Analysis Oral
Pendrel, John V.; Henk J. Schouten Confidence Measure for Bayesian Facies Estimations Oral
Phillips, Jordan; Mirko van der Baan, Scott McKean Understanding Public Risk Perception in the Oil and Gas Industry Oral
Pilon, Daniel; Mathieu Turgeon-Pelchat, Charles Papasodoro, Yves Moisan, Pierre Gravel Toward the use of deep learning and high-resolution digital elevation models for extracting geological landforms: an example for eskers Poster
Pittman, Nathan R.; Adam E. Montgomery, Martin Huang Improved Subsurface Characterization through Stochastic Modeling Techniques at Imperial’s Kearl Mine, Alberta Oral
Poirier, Simon; Per Kent Pedersen, Henry Galvis-Portilla Analysis of the Metre-Scale Depositional Architecture of the Montney Fm. in Outcrop using UAV Technology: Implications for Sedimentology and Fracture Stratigraphy Oral
Popescu, Andrei; Igor Kuvaev, Igor Uvarov Integration of Multi-Discipline Data-sets for Completions and Development Optimization Oral, Poster
Popp, Melanie The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Future of Work Oral
Popp, Melanie; Alex Renaud A New Method for Production Forecasting: Predictive Analytics Vs Conventional Methods in The Montney Oral
Potter, Greg R.; Sheila C. Duchek Optimizing Site Locations to Reduce Long-Term Environmental Liabilities Oral, Poster
Qadri, S.M. Talha; Md. Aminul Islam, M.R. Shalaby Reservoir quality assessment by petrographic and petrophysical analyses in Kupe Gas Field, Southern Taranaki Basin, New Zealand Oral
Rahmanifard, Hamid; Tatyana Plaksina Techno-Economic Assessment of CAES Technologies in Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) in Alberta Oral
Rakhit, Kaush; Allison Gibbs What’s hydrodynamics done for me lately? Select case studies from the Conventional and Unconventional Montney Formation Oral
Raychaudhuri, Indraneel (Indy); Matthew J. Young, James A. MacEachern, Murray K. Gingras The Exploited: Ichnologic Analogs for Multi-Lateral Horizontal Oil Drilling Strategies in the Lower Cretaceous Grand Rapids and Clearwater Formations, Upper Mannville Group, Alberta, Canada Oral
Re, Simone; Mattia Speziali Letting the Data Drive the Initial Model Building for Refraction Tomography Oral
Reine, Carl; Jessa-lyn Lee Certified organic – Including the effects of TOC in rock-physics modelling and classification of the Duvernay Oral
Renaud, Evan D.; John A.W. Weissenberger, Nicholas B. Harris, Jonathan C. Banks Geothermal resource characterization of the Middle Devonian Slave Point Formation at Clarke Lake Field, Fort Nelson, B.C., Canada Oral
Riley, D.; T. J. Pearce, D. Rutledge Chemostratigraphy and stable isotope stratigraphy of the Triassic and Lower Jurassic within the well Spoonbill C-30; an intergrated stratgiraphic approch Oral
Riley, David A.; Paul O’Neill, Tim J Pearce, Marta Barbarano, Brenton Fairey, David Rutledge, Gareth Smith, Peter Lucas The Reservoir Quality of Tithonian Sandstone from Mizzen F-09; the application of whole rock inorganic geochemical data Oral
Rivero, Jose A.; Majid M. Faskhoodi, Giselle Garcia Ferrer, Herman Mukisa Huff & Puff Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Liquids-Rich Portion of the Montney Play Oral
Rodríguez-Pradilla, Germán; David W. Eaton Seismic hazard analysis of an induced-seismicity sequence associated with a hydraulic-fracturing stimulation in a Duvernay shale play, western Canada Oral
Romahn, Sergio J.; Kristhoper Innanen Log-validated waveform inversion with wavelet phase and amplitude updating Oral
Ross, Cole L.; Murray K. Gingras, Scott W. Hadley, Michael J. Ranger Facies analysis of the Clearwater Formation in Marten Hills and Nipisi, north-central Alberta Oral
Salvage, Rebecca O.; David W. Eaton Distinguishing Operational Microseismicity in Western Canada from Induced Earthquakes Oral
Sanden, Grant; Yannai Segal, Mikhail Kostousov, Martin Trobec, Britnee J. Beitel and Russell P.W. Stancliffe So what is the size of the grains in your sandstone, how do you measure them and why you should care. Oral
Sandoval, Roberto Rodriguez Square Root Arithmetical Mean of the Amplitude in multi seismic survey processing merging for AVO and seismic inversion analysis East – Mexico. A case of study Oral
Sarvaramini, Erfan; Caralyn Bennett, Chad Lemke, Michael Morgan, Leonard Herchen 3D Simulation of Stimulated Reservoir Volume Evolution during Hydraulic Fracturing Oral
Sayed, Md Abu; Bazlur Rahman, Md Nazmul Haque Mondol, Mahbub (Bob) Alam Revisiting Glauconitic Sandstone in Countess Field, Southern Alberta Oral
Schulz, Yogi W. Value of data analytics in fracturing design and production optimization Oral
Shahzad, Rana Faisal; Muhammad Akram, Uzair Hamid Awan, Shakeel Ahmad, Shabeer Ahmed Abbasi, Sajid Sharif, Muhammad Shahid, Imran Khan Cataloguing and Evolution of Structures in Southern Sindh Monocline, Indus Basin, Pakistan Formed in Multi-Extensional Tectonic Episodes of Indian Plate Oral
Shahzad, Rana Faisal; Uzair Hamid Awan, Shabeer Ahmed Abbasi Collisional Tectonics and its Effects on Hydrocarbon Entrapment and Progression: A Case Study From Potwar Plateau, NW Corner of Indian Plate Oral
Shamsa, Amir; Mehdi Paydayesh Application of Independent Component Analysis and Gaussian Mixture Models in micro-seismic signal detection Oral
Sharma, Ritesh Kumar; Satinder Chopra, Larry Lines Adequate QC steps and their impact on reservoir characterization analysis Poster
Sharma, Ritesh Kumar; Satinder Chopra, Larry Lines Role of robust velocity model for reservoir characterization Oral
Sharma, Ritesh Kumar; Satinder Chopra, James Keay, Larry Lines Seismic reservoir characterization of the Bone Spring and Wolfcamp formations in the Delaware Basin with efforts at quantitative interpretation – Part 2 Oral
Shaw, Daniel J.; Nicholas B. Harris Detailed sedimentological and sequence stratigraphic analysis of the Duvernay Formation in the Kaybob area, Alberta Oral, Poster
Siddiqui, Raza A.; Milovan Fustic, Rajeev S. Nair, Tim Hartel High GR readings (hot-shale and hot-mud) in McMurray Formation – characterization and origin Oral, Poster
Sneddon, Tom Geoethics 2019 Oral
St-Onge, Andy Seismogenic polygonal fault system generation Poster
Stanton, Aaron; Keith Wilkinson Robust deblending of simultaneous source seismic data Oral
Sun, Jian; Zhan Niu, Kristopher Innanen, Junxiao Li, Daniel Trad A deep learning perspective of the forward and inverse problems in exploration geophysics Oral, Poster
Sunjay Sub Bottom Profiling Chirp Signal Processing Poster
Szatkowski, Bryan J. Application of Chemical and Stable Carbon (δ13C) and Hydrogen (δD) Isotopic Compositions to aid Operators in Determining the Source of Leaking Thermogenic Natural Gas in Surface Casing Vents (SCVF) or Soils Outside Casing (AGM) in Area Base Closures. Oral, Poster
Terlaky, Viktor; Kathryn M. Fiess, Jonathan Rocheleau Devonian Shale Basin Characterization in the Central Northwest Territories – Results of Outcrop and Well Sampling Poster
Thacker, Paul; Allan Châtenay The Operational Efficiency of ISSN™ in Western Canada Oral, Poster
Tse, Cameron High-Resolution X-Ray Fluorescence and Mechanical Hardness: Building a Mineralogical Model, an example from the Montney Formation Poster
Utting, Daniel; Laurence Andriashek, Steve Pawley Picking the bedrock top in the Fort McMurray/Muskeg Mountain Region Poster
Vaisblat, Noga; Nicholas B. Harris, David L. Bish Origin and Evolution of Clay Mineralogy in the Montney Formation Oral
Van Engelen, Corey Completion Journey: Where we started…..to where we are today, preferred methods, what has worked and what has not been as successful as we may have hoped Oral
Venieri, Marco; Henry Galvis Portilla, Scott McKean, Simon Poirier, Samantha Mackie, Per Kent Pedersen Quantification of geological and geomechanical heterogeneity of the Duvernay shale through integration of outcrop and subsurface data and its application to unconventional exploration Oral
Venieri, Marco; Henry Galvis Portilla, Scott McKean, Simon Poirier, Samantha Mackie, Ali Fathalian, Daniel O. Trad and Kristopher A. Innanen Viscoacoustic reverse time migration in tilted TI media with attenuation compensation Oral
Verkhovtseva, Natalia; Timur Mukhtarov Factors affecting velocity model calibration for microseismic event location Oral
Wach, Grant D.; Graeme E. Wach, Darragh E. O’Connor Calibration of the Lower Cretaceous Type Sections and Petroleum Systems of the Atlantic Margin Oral
Wach, Grant D.; Keith W. Shanley and Mike Boyles Non-marine and marine trace fossil assemblages within the Cretaceous Blackhawk Formation, Utah Oral
Wach, Grant D.; Skinner, Carla, H. High Pressure Situations: Understanding Reservoir Compartmentalization in the Sable Subbasin Poster
Walter, Callum A.*; A. Braun, and G. Fotopoulos High-Resolution UAV Magnetometry Surveys for Localizing Legacy/Abandoned Wells Oral, Poster
Watson, Neil D.; Amy D. Fox The Importance of Hydrodynamics in the Geomechanical Understanding of Oil and Gas Plays: Upper Mannville Case Study Oral
Wang, Yichuan; Igor B. Morozov Modeling Seismic Waves in Layered Anelastic Media – beyond the Viscoelastic Approach Oral
Weir, Ronald; L. Lines, D. Lawton, D. Eaton, A Poulin Can continuously recorded seismic data be improved with signal processing? The application of deconvolution to microseismic data. Oral
Welsh, Brent; Jill Hume Water Use Performance in the In Situ Oil Sands Sector Oral
Went, Ashley K.; Jonathan C. Banks, Daniel S. Alessi Kinetics of Anhydrite Precipitation from Carbonate Hosted Geothermal Reservoirs Oral
Whibbs, Courtney; Erin Wadsworth, et. al. The AER Play Workbook– Aligning Geoscience and Engineering Analyses for Regulatory Delivery and Public Reserves Reporting Poster
Whitkaer, Justin M.; Dru Heagle, Andrew Wigston, Sai Vanapalli, Danielle Fortin The mitigation of deep depth wellbore leakage using microbially induced carbonate precipitation (MICP) Oral
Whittaker, Marissa; Julie Clarke, Luc Gravel Gas Storage Case Study: Southwestern Ontario Oral
Wieclawek, Stefan Facies Control on Fluid Accumulation, Viking Formation, Elrose Field, Saskatchewan, Canada Oral
Wigston, Andrew; Jay Williams A Technology Roadmap to Improve Wellbore Integrity Oral
Williams, John FCOG: A collaborative approach to responsible resource development of the Duvernay formation in the Kaybob area Oral
Wilson, Tessa K.; Robert M. Bustin Basin Modelling and Thermal History of the Horn River and Liard Basins, Cordova Embayment, and Adjacent Parts of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin Oral
Witten, Ben; Aaron Booterbaugh, Ryan Segstro Semblance-weighted stack for improved microseismic monitoring Oral
Wong, Juan, C.; Hu, Xin Yue; Silva, Ricardo, L., Wach, Grant, D. Lower Jurassic Source Rock of the Scotian Margin: Effects of Salt on Maturation and Implications on the Petroleum System Poster
Wust, Raphael; Sam Tu, Mashrur Zaman, Graham Spray Clay mineral structural changes and mineralogical transformation in the Devonian Duvernay shales Oral
Wust, Raphael; Sam Tu, Albert Cui, Cory Twemlow, Nik Minions Chemostratigraphic correlations across the Albert Montney Formation Oral
Yang, Chao Tight Oil Play of the Upper Devonian Torquay Formation in Southeastern Saskatchewan, Canada Oral, Poster
Yang, Lei; Daniel O. Trad Comparison between time domain and frequency domain least-squares reverse time migration Poster
Yang, Z.; C.P. Vocke, C.R. Clarkson, A. Younis, A. Vahedian, H.J. Deglint, C. DeBuhr, A. Ghanizadeh Advanced Algorithms for Quantification of Mineralogical Composition from Elemental Composition (XRF) Data: Examples from the Montney, Duvernay and Bakken Formations (Canada) Oral, Poster
Yao, Zhengsheng; Valentina Khatchatrian, Randy Kolesar An implicitly weighted least squares algorithm for time domain Radon transform Poster
Yao, Zhengsheng; Valentina Khatchatrian, Randy Kolesar A simplified 2D common reflection surface stack Oral
Younis, A.; H. Yarveicy, C.R. Clarkson, C. DeBuhr, H.J. Deglint, A. Ghanizadeh Possible Alteration of Mineral Wettability due to Interaction with Reservoir and Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids Oral, Poster
Yu, Decong BC Montney Shale Data Analytics for Shale Sweep Spot Identification and Well Completion Optimization – A journey of Machine Learning Technology Application by A Geologist Oral
Yu, Yuanjiang; Yonghua Wang Low-rank Coal Reservoir Character and CBM Exploration Potential in Junggar Basin—-A new exploration frontier case from Xinjiang, NW China Oral
Yurkowski, Melinda Helium in Southern Saskatchewan: Accumulation and Geological Setting Oral
Zadrozny, Bianca; Haniff Ramdeen, Matthias Kormaksson, Marcos R. Vieira A Data Driven Method For Sweet Spot Identification In Shale Plays Using Well Log Data Oral
Zaman, Mashrur; Graham Spray, Philip Haig, Raphael A. J. Wust, Brent Nassichuk Quantitative analysis of smectite and associated clay minerals in drill cutting samples by XRD with Rietveld and relative intensity ratio methods Oral
Zhang, Weimin; Jinling Zhang, Rosalind Damer The effects of seismic data conditioning on density estimates from PP-PS joint pre-stack inversion: An example from the Athabasca oil sands Oral
Zhang, Chao; Mirko van der Baan A Non-Parametric Bayesian dictionary learning Method for SNR enhancement Oral
Zhang, Jingjun; Osman Salad Hersi, Han jiangbo Sedimentologic properties of the oil-producing Late Cretaceous fluvio-deltaic Fuyu reservoirs of the Quantou Formation, Songliao Basin, Anda Sag, NE China Poster
Zhang, Jieyu; Mirko van der Baan Analyzing the Decision-making Process of Hydraulic Fracturing Operations Oral, Poster
Zheng, Wenbo; Dwayne Tannant Case study of proppant selection for a Montney well using discrete element simulations Oral, Poster
Zhou, Haolin; Nicholas B. Harris, Jilu Feng Triggers for Organic Matter Accumulation in the Middle and Upper Devonian Horn River Shale, Canada, Identified from Microsampling of Drill Cores Oral, Poster
Zhou, Yixuan; Jennifer He, M. Cathryn Ryan Decadal trends in precipitation and flow in an unregulated eastern slope river Poster
Zhou, Yun; Pingchuan Dong Evaluation of hydration expansion and plugging performance of micro-nano water plugging agent Poster
Zonneveld, John-Paul; Thomas F. Moslow Core to log correlation of Montney members and stratigraphic surfaces Oral
Zourob, Arwa; A. Guy Plint Evidence for rapid lateral and vertical movement of the Cretaceous forebulge: Late Albian Westgate alloformation, NE Alberta Oral