2020 Committee Listing


GeoConvention is extremely privileged to have such a dedicated and diverse team of volunteers that annually take time out of their busy schedules to give back to the geoscience community. The following team can assist with any questions you may have concerning the annual conference.

If you are interested in joining the team, please reach out to us at anytime: info@geoconvention.com

If you are interested in volunteering at the conference, please follow the link below to learn how!

Volunteer Opportunities
General/Technical Co-Chair
Gary Bugden gbugden@cabra.ca
General Co-Chair
Gary Paukert info@geoconvention.com
General/Technical Co-Chair
Geoff McMillan info@geoconvention.com
General/Technical Co-Chair
Rajeev Nair info@geoconvention.com
General/Technical Co-Chair
Sasha Wilson info@geoconvention.com
General/Technical Co-Chair
Cathy Ryan info@geoconvention.com
Technical Co-Chair
Lona Gregory abstracts@geoconvention.com
Posters Chair Breanne Rathgeber breanne.rathgeber@gmail.com
Exhibits and Sponsorship Co-Chair Nash Hayward exhibits@geoconvention.com
Exhibits and Sponsorship Co-Chair Brendon Lybbert brendon@geoconvention.com
Exhibits and Sponsorship Co-Chair Giselle Fonseca giselle@geoconvention.com
Exhibits and Sponsorship Co-Chair James Duggan james@geoconvention.com
Finance Chair Spryng Kubicek spryngk@associationsplus.ca
Volunteer Chair Mandy Thompson volunteer@geoconvention.com
Showcase Stage TBD info@geoconvention.com
Judging Chair Scott Matieshin sdm1967@telus.net
Media Relations Chair Mandy Thompson media@geoconvention.com
Mobile App Co-Chair  Zekai Jia info@geoconvention.com
Mobile App Co-Chair  A.J. Gates info@geoconvention.com
Social Media Co-Chair Chris Harrison chris@explor.net
Student Outreach Co-Chair Adam MacInnis info@geoconvention.com
Student Outreach Co-Chair Mitchell Gillrie info@geoconvention.com