GeoConvention is excited to offer Virtual Networking Opportunities for the 2021 program

Our selection of fun, engaging, and social virtual team building activities are crafted specifically to cap off your day in a fun, engaging way.  Play with your team of friends or colleagues or register as an individual and we will place you on a team!

Competitions begin at 5pm and will last approximately 1 hour.

Networking opportunities are perfect for companies looking to build stronger teams and for individuals looking to make new connections!

Registration Opens Soon

September 13

Get your team together to compete in a series of online mental, physical, skill, and mystery challenges.  Virtual Team Pursuit is an online team building activity for remote teams that allows participants to join from anywhere in the world using a video conferencing platform alongside our proprietary app.

Perfect opportunity if you are:


Are you looking to burn off some steam in a fast-paced, competitive team-based challenge?  Push yourself and your teammates to victory!


Perfect if you love the opportunity to socialize and learn more about colleagues or make new connections.


Always quick to come up with outside-the-box solutions?  This opportunity features activities that allow your team to think creatively together.

September 14

Gather remotely and collaborate virtually to crack the case of deadly crime in this virtual murder mystery team building activity.  You will split into teams, examine cluesreview case files, and channel their inner detectives as they race against the clock to solve the mystery of who had the means, motive, and opportunity to murder Neil Davidson.

Perfect opportunity if you are:


Always up to play a game of Cranium or tackle a Sudoku puzzle, do you love a good brain teaser?  Challenge yourself mentally while working with your group.


Perfect if you love the opportunity to socialize and learn more about colleagues or make new connections.


Are you a competitive person, always looking for the win?   This is your chance to get paired up with their colleagues or new connections and compete to successfully crack the case.

September 15

Join us for the Conference Wrap-Up Virtual Beer Tasting!

For only $45, you will receive six TROLLEY 5 beers, Charcuterie Board and a tasting session hosted by TROLLY 5.

Delivery to your home (within Calgary) can be added for $6 or packages can be picked up from their Brewery